Basel Museums Switzerland

Are you going on holiday to Basel in Switzerland? Would you like to know which museums are worth visiting in Basel? Below we’ve provided information on some of the best museums that Basel has to offer.

The Basel History Museum

The history Museum in Basel is located in a building that was originally constructed as a church. Aside from the interesting architecture this museum offers, one can enjoy an interesting collection of traditional Swiss tapestries as well displays presenting information on some of Basel’s historic buildings. Up to date information on opening times and entrance fares for this museum- as well as every other museum in Basel mentioned here- is available from a local tourist office in Basel.

 The Basel Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum is located close by to the History Museum in Basel and offers an interesting insight into the history of the Jewish community in Switzerland. On display are several artefacts and documents relating to Jewish culture and Jews who have had a presence in Basel since the thirteenth century.

The Basel Natural History and Culture Museums

The Natural History and Culture Museums in Basel are two separately run museums; however, they share the same building, so you can visit them together.  The Natural History Museum, which is similar to the natural history museum in Bern,  has an impressive display of fossils, many of which were found in Switzerland, while the Culture Museum traces the culture of the inhabitants of Basel.

The Kunst Museum in Basel Switzerland
The Kunst Museum is actually more of an art gallery than a museum despite the name.  The Kunst Museum houses the biggest single collection of art in Basel. The Kunst Museum displays a wide variety of contemporary art; however, perhaps more interesting for history enthusiasts is the varied collection of medieval art on display from Switzerland and other European countries.
The Jean Tinguely Museum in Basel

The Jean Tinguely Museum in Basel houses the exhibits of one of Basel’s most famous artists. John Tinguely was an artist of the post modern school who produced amazing sculptures using scrap metal and various other bits of junk as material. This really is an interesting museum to visit in Basel, even for those who are not real art enthusiasts, as the exhibits in this museum are so loud and lively that all will enjoy them.

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