Chinese Paper Lantern

Interested in the Chinese paper lantern? Get to know about this unique traditional craft of China in our information guide.

The art of creating lanterns has been present as a form of traditional craftwork in China for thousands of years. Traditionally the Chinese would make use of paper as the base material for the construction of these lanterns. Chinese paper lanterns have discovered new found glory in modern times and are currently considered to be an interior decoration article.

History of Chinese Paper Lanterns

The earliest records go to show that the art of creating paper lanterns in China began back in 230 BC. Through the course of time these lanterns became a symbol for good fortune and longevity. They retain this symbolism even till today.

The popularity of the Chinese paper lantern is directly related to the Chinese Lantern Festival. This is a unique festival celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese New Year. During this time the local people can be seen parading on the streets carrying Chinese paper lanterns. The Chinese would create the paper lanterns in order to honor the first full moon of the year.

The Chinese paper lantern has many other strings attached to it. For the Chinese the lanterns were also considered to be a means of communicating with their deceased ones.

Today however Chinese paper lanterns have developed a totally new culture. The modern Chinese artists involved in the making of Chinese lanterns create all sorts of elaborate designs with intricate detailing. Since the improvements in the means of communication the Chinese paper lantern has reached all corners of the world. As a result the Chinese have been able to capitalize on this ancient tradition. For the artists Chinese paper lanterns have become an interesting canvas through which they can express their creative ideas.

Traditionally the Chinese paper lantern has been used as an accompaniment for special events such as birthdays, wedding celebrations and anniversaries. Ironically the lantern has also served as a means of military communication. The Chinese paper lantern also became a status symbol at one point in time when designers started to carve out unique designs. Generally the greater the number and size of the Chinese paper lanterns displayed in the homes of people the richer they were believed to be.

The Paper Lantern in Modern Times

For the global community of today the Chinese paper lantern makes a quaint decoration article. Anyone can incorporate this unique item into their interior setting to liven up the ambiance of the room and give it an oriental touch.

The market is loaded with a wide variety of Chinese paper lanterns in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Interested individuals can choose the Chinese paper lantern according to their taste. Alternatively one can even make this traditional Chinese article themselves by following a simple procedure.

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