Swiss Army Mach

Looking for reviews of the Swiss Army Mach Watch? Want to get a replacement steel or rubber strap for your Mach? Our guide to the Swiss Army Mach watch gives you the facts & information you want to know.

With all the great things available in Switzerland it can be rather tough to decide what gift to buy for your loved ones. Of course the most striking thing about the country is its natural beauty but you can’t bring the Alps back home can you? And Swiss chocolate is a must throw in with any gift that you give but what if you are looking for something exclusive for someone special like your father? The Swiss army mach is one machine fit for the purpose. Amongst those Swiss army products that have gained world wide acclaim are Swiss watches. They are known for their high quality and possess the elegance that is well suited even for the best of us. This can be one of the most practical gifts that you can get for anybody and no self respecting man would ever dislike these amazing watches.

Swiss Army Mach Watch

One of the reasons that have made the Swiss army Mach a universally acceptable timepiece is the simplicity of its high standard of quality. Made from the finest materials coupled with first class Swiss engineering the watch gives you the assurance of being a life time partner. The Swiss army Mach is constructed from stainless steel which gives it a long life and strength. You will find that you can wear this watch no matter what kind of activity you are involved in because they are scratch resistant and have an anti reflection sapphire crystal. This means that you don’t have to fear for the safety of your watch even if you are jumping off a cliff or going swimming in a lake.

Swiss Army Mach Automatic Movement

Rest assured the Swiss army mach is water resistant for up to hundred meters under water which translates into around three hundred and thirty feet. And what about replacing the batteries on this one? Much to your relief the watch is engineered in a way that relieves you of the burden of buying batteries on and off. This is because the watch is powered by automatic movement. The spring of the watch gets wound automatically when the person wears this watch and this is how the Swiss mach operates.

Swiss Army Mach Review

If all these practical highlights of the Swiss army mach are not enough to have you convinced then wait because there is more. The Swiss are keen on maintaining their standard and style but they aren’t stupid. Which is why they have produced a number of versions of the mach so that people can choose the one that best suites their taste. For example you have the steel strapped watches as well as the leather strap ones. Both these designs cater to a different kind of target audience. The dial features Arabic numerals with a smaller seconds sub dial situated on the 9 o’ clock position. The watch also features a date position between the 4 and 5 o’ clock position. To give you an accurate reading of the time even in the dark the Swiss army Mach has luminous hands inside a silver dial. With great style that is centered around practicality the watch is not just a perfect gift for your father it is something that you too would want for yourself.

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