French Exterior Door

Want to buy a French exterior door? Do you know how to tell an authentic French exterior door from a fake? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

French exterior doors, in contrast to interior French doors, have long been regarded as the key to bringing the outside in and the inside out. The wooden feel of these doors mixes well with a deck on the outside and a wooden floor on the inside. Yet these often wide doors not only join the inside and out when they are open, but also with the expansive glass panes, even when the French doors are closed, the great view of outside is visible.

Fiberglass French Doors

One of the biggest issues with exterior French doors is that they are exposed to all the elements yet still have to look great all the time. This is why a new industry in French exterior doors is booming; doors that are completely made of fiberglass. This fiberglass it eight times stronger than vinyl and even three times stronger than wood. When put in terms of lasting years, this is a massive difference. These fiberglass doors can face wind, rain and snow for many years without swelling, peeling, expanding, cracking, contracting or warping. On top of that, they are unyielding to extreme heat, cold, insects, salt air and corrosion. These new doors will last a lifetime yet with the traditional French door look. This stuff is so strong that it can only be cut with diamond bladed saws!

French Sliding Doors

When purchasing exterior French doors, it is possible to get one of three types. There are sliding doors, opening doors and bi-folding doors. Sliding doors are best for small areas and act like normally sliding doors while looking like beautiful French doors. These also offer the best protect from the outside if you have precious items near the door. Then there are also swinging doors which are great to even out the balance between inside and outside, if one side has much more room than another. These are the safest of the French exterior doors to keep out forced entry and due to the difference in the inside and outside sides; the outside can be painted while the inside holds its traditional look. With the new fiberglass, this paint won’t crack or peel as long as the paint lasts.

The last choice is the bi-fold exterior doors. These French doors can be custom made to be massive openings and can be great at bringing the outside in and vice versa.  Originating from the early 18th century, these doors will combine a practical use with a stunning traditional look that nothing else can compete with.

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