Public holidays in Switzerland

Are you going on holiday to Switzerland? Make sure you know when Switzerland celebrates its many public holidays. Here we’ve listed and explained some of the major public holidays in Switzerland.

Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe surrounded by four European countries each with their own distinct religious and cultural heritage. The influences of these neighbouring countries are evident in several of the public holidays celebrated in Switzerland every year. Public holidays in Switzerland can be either nationally or regionally celebrated. National public holidays in Switzerland are celebrated by the entire Swiss population whereas regional public holidays in Switzerland are only observed in certain cantons and usually have religious roots. This is especially so in predominantly Catholic Cantons of Switzerland who have public holidays to commemorate various Christian saints.

Summer public holidays in Switzerland

The major public holiday celebrated in Switzerland during the summer months is the National Day of Switzerland which takes place on August 1st. Schools are usually already closed because of the summer holidays; however, on Swiss National Day most public institutions and banks are also closed.

Autumn public holidays in Switzerland

There are no significant national public holidays celebrated in Switzerland during the autumn months; however, November 1st is celebrated as All Saints day in some Swiss cantons which may entail  closures of public services in those cantons that celebrate it as a pubic holiday.

Winter public holidays in Switzerland

Like most of the western world, Christmas day on the 25th December is a national public holiday in Switzerland. All schools, public buildings and most shops are closed on this public holiday. The 26th December is also a public holiday known in most European countries as Boxing Day. January 1st is New Year’s Day and also a full public holiday in Switzerland so expect public services to be closed in Switzerland.

Spring public holidays in Switzerland

The spring season in Switzerland contains at least four different religious Public holidays all revolving around the Christian holiday of Easter. In addition to Easter, Switzerland also celebrates Good Friday and Ascension Day as Public holidays. These Public holidays do not fall exactly on the same date every year but always occur sometime in and around April.

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