Food & drink in Switzerland

Are you going on holiday to Switzerland? Be sure to sample some of the delicious food & drink Switzerland has to offer. Here we’ve provided some tips on what food & drinks to try in Switzerland.

Depending on what region or canton of Switzerland one visits, the food & drink on offer will vary considerably. Because Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe and surrounded by several countries each with their own culinary traditions and tastes, food and drink in Switzerland has been influenced by all these neighbouring countries.  The food and drink to be found in the south of Switzerland is reminiscent of Italian food, while areas of Switzerland that border France offer food that is very French in taste. Similarly, those cantons that are near Germany serve food that is influenced by German cuisine.

Food & Drink in Switzerland

People in Switzerland approach food and drink as a cultural expression and this is often reflected in the traditionally Swiss architecture and decorations that are found in many restaurants across Switzerland. Swiss people also regard food and drink as a communal experience to be relished and enjoyed together. Fondue, which is a melted cheese dish and typical example of the delicious food Switzerland has to offer, is designed to be eaten only by two or more people together.

Food & drink at restaurants in Switzerland

In comparison to other European countries, Swiss people are not generally considered to be great fans of international cuisine. There are relatively few restaurants in Switzerland offering food from other countries, although there are some middle and far eastern restaurants to be found in lager towns in Switzerland. These restaurants, however, are regarded as places to eat when one is in too much of a hurry to sit down and enjoy a proper meal. The majority of people in Switzerland prefer to go to a Swiss restaurant or eatery for proper meals. Many restaurants in Switzerland are small, family run businesses offering wholesome and traditional Swiss food.

Vegetarian food & drink in Switzerland

Swiss dairy products are among the most famous in the world because of their richness and high quality. It follows then that dairy products feature heavily in the selection of food and drink on offer in Switzerland, from cheeses and milk to various different types of yogurt and chocolate. Because of this, vegetarians visiting Switzerland shouldn’t have too much trouble finding food that fits their dietary requirements. In fact, many Swiss restaurants have a special vegetarian food section displayed on their menus.

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