Fondue in Switzerland

Are you travelling to Switzerland for a holiday? Then you’ll want to try some of the famous Swiss fondue. Below we’ve provided some information on how to spot the best fondue while you are in Switzerland.

Because Switzerland is famous for its many varieties of wonderful cheeses and other dairy products, it comes as no surprise that Swiss cheese fondue is something of a culinary institution in Switzerland. The name ‘fondue’ actually refers to the metal vessel in which the cheese is melted and the fondue is prepared before being served.  Holiday makers to Switzerland may come to realise that Swiss food and drink varies a great deal depending on the region of the country one is in. Fondue is no exception to this, and as one travels throughout Switzerland several different types of Swiss cheese fondue can be enjoyed.

Swiss cheese fondue ingredients

The basic ingredients and preparation of Swiss cheese fondue are the same regardless of what area of Switzerland you are in. Swiss cheese fondue is made by mixing together at least two different types of cheese and melting them in a metal vessel over a flame. Often a splash of some type of alcoholic beverage is added to give the fondue some extra flavour.

Sampling Swiss cheese fondue in restaurants

People in Switzerland tend to view food and drink as a communal experience to be shared and enjoyed. This is clearly demonstrated in the Swiss approach to cheese fondue which is designed to be shared by at least two or more people. It is for this reason that restaurants in Switzerland tend to charge for Swiss cheese fondue dishes on a two or more person basis.  The hot cheese in Swiss fondue is a perfect comfort food for warming up during the winter months, perhaps after a day on the ski slopes. It is because of this that Swiss cheese fondue is generally regarded as a winter dish and rarely found on restaurant menus in restaurants in Switzerland during the warmer summer months.

How to eat Swiss cheese Fondue

Restaurants in Switzerland serve fondue over a candle or paraffin flame in order to keep the cheese hot and prevent it from solidifying. Diners are given a long fork upon which they place a cube of bread before dipping it in the fondue bowl and covering it in lovely Swiss cheese. It is a good idea to have a hot drink such as tea while enjoying fondue in order to stop the cheese from clogging up your digestive system.

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