Things to do in Lugano

Visiting Lugano for business or a holiday? Want to know what tourist attractions Lugano can offer? Here we’ve given you the highlights of the best things to do in Lugano.

Lugano is situated in the South of Switzerland amongst the Swiss Alps and close to the Italian border. The Italian influence in Lugano is evident in everything from the local Lugano dialect to the restaurants serving Italian food. Lugano is located only 50km north of the Italian city of Milan which means there is a continuous flow of Italian holiday makers into Lugano all year. Lugano is also the third biggest banking centre in Switzerland after Geneva and Zurich, with a multitude of offshore banks providing offshore accounts.

The Degli Ulivi Park in Lugano

Lugano is situated around the glistening waters of Lake Lugano. The Degli Ulivi Park in Lugano rests on the shores of Lake Lugano and provides an idyllic walking or relaxing place amongst the various Mediterranean style trees and flowers.  One can also find a café in the park from where to enjoy a coffee while breathing in the fresh mountainous air and enjoying the view of Lake Lugano

Walking tours of Lugano

Lugano is surrounded by beautifully lush alpine woodland in the Swiss Alps making it the perfect place to do some walking. The Swiss Tourist Office in Lugano provides maps of a multitude of different walking routes that give you the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of Lugano while getting some exercise. Suggested walking routes in and around Lugano are categorised by difficulty level making it possible for everybody to choose a suitable walk around Lugano regardless of age and fitness level. The Swiss Tourist Office in Lugano also offer suggested cycling tours of Lugano, many of which end in the mountains surrounding Lugano from which a splendid view of the town and Lake Lugano can be seen below. Particularly worthwhile is the Hill of Gold, so called because of the large amount of sunshine it gets, making it a great place to bask in the sun while enjoying Lugano.

The Swiss Miniature Museum in Lugano

The town of Lugano is surrounded by many smaller villages that are scattered in the nearby countryside. One of the villages is called Melide, and it is here that visitors can find one of the most interesting attractions in Lugano. The Swiss Miniature Museum is a great option for visitors who want to see the rest of Switzerland without having to leave Lugano, because all the main attractions and monuments that Switzerland has to offer have been recreated in miniature here.

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