African American Hair Pieces

African American hair pieces are especially made for both African American men and women to cover their thinning hair or baldness. No one is exempted from the aging process, thus African American hair pieces are made to answer these hair problems.

Hair Pieces for African American Women

There are actually different types of African American hair pieces. These hair pieces come in the form of a wig, ponytails, weaves, falls and braids. Women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair may be able to choose from any of these hair pieces depending on the look that she wants to create. Wigs are great because they provide full coverage and come in different lengths and colors.

However, other women prefer wearing falls to wigs. Falls are like wigs but unlike wigs, combs or clamps are used to fasten falls. There are falls especially made to make up for the areas where there is thin hair. On the other hand, weaves are sewn into the head. This type of hair piece can last for several months. Another hair piece that is common to African American women is the braid. If you want to cover your thinning hair with braids, you can opt for this kind of hair piece.

Hair Pieces for African American Men

There are a number of African American hair pieces that are designed to suit the needs of modern African American men. Most men are conscious of their thinning or balding hair but they do not want to wear hair pieces that can be easily noticed. Modern men, like women, prefer their hair pieces to look more natural. And just like women, they can opt for a wig to cover their balding hair or use hair extensions to create a fuller and thicker hair.

These days, bonding is the most common method for applying a hair piece on a man’s head. This method uses adhesives to bond the hair piece with the hair, so the hair piece cannot be easily removed. The only way to remove the adhesive is to apply heat and oil. Just like women, men need not worry about baldness and thinning hair anymore.

Ways to Care for Hair Pieces

African American hair pieces will last longer if proper care and maintenance is given to them. It is important that you know how to take care of your hair piece in order to maintain its natural body and shape. You have to store your hair piece in an area where there is enough moisture, otherwise, your hair piece will lose its luster and volume. Also, hang your hair piece in a rack or Styrofoam head to keep its shape.

Go for a hair piece that is made of 100% human hair. Not only will it make your hair look natural, but also lasts longer than synthetic types of hair pieces. Human hair pieces may be a bit expensive, however, they last longer than synthetic or other types of hair pieces.

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