Alternative Sentencing Northern California

Need information on alternative sentencing in Northern California? Learn more about strategies for Northern California alternative sentencing…

Alternative sentencing in Northern California is utilized as a strategy to avoid jail. It is finalized between a prosecutor and judge after the right sort of punishment is determined for a criminal. In order to get the right alternative sentencing strategy, you will have to hire a skilled attorney who has the knowledge of the structure.

Types of Alternative Sentencing

These include community service, graffiti cleanup and work release programs. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs also come under this category. This type of strategy utilized for sentencing should match the punishment to the crime.

Who Is Alternative Sentencing Awarded To?

Any defendant who has not committed the worst crimes and does not have a mandatory sentence on them will be eligible for alternative sentencing. Someone who does not have a track record of previous crimes or has not been involved in a serious felony without the use of a weapon can be given an alternative sentence. Further, someone who does not pose a threat to the community or themselves can be awarded with alternative sentencing.

In the event that a person has been involved in a crime it is possible to stay out of jail by choosing the services of an experienced criminal lawyer who specializes in alternative sentencing. You can get assistance from talented lawyers who are aggressive attorneys and try to get the best alternative sentencing for their clients.

Repercussions of the Accusation Of A California Crime

If you are convicted of a California crime you can suffer from a criminal record, jail time and job loss. Instead, why not go for a vigorous defense and get alternative sentencing? Rehabilitation candidates would have to indulge in sober living. A participant can be housed inside a private facility that helps alcohol abuse victims. There is group therapy and individual sessions, and you have to maintain the household. And there are house rules and you would actually have to work around curfews.

Participants of community service would have to work in city government organizations. They would have to participate in cleanup duties around the city. The divergent programs allow drug abusers to go through a series of educational programs for the duration of six months. After they have completed the classes and programs, the charges against the criminal can be dropped. This is possible only if the classes are successfully completed.

One can go to a city jail or private jail. In a private jail the defendant can continue to work and complete this sentence on weekends in a private jail. You have to check in on a Friday afternoon and then leave on a Sunday afternoon. In certain private jails you will have to pay weekend fee.

Work Program

The work program gets a person to work on a daily basis and perform physical labor. You can go home or reserve a space in a housing dormitory rather than live in a county jail. Another kind of house arrest is done by electronic monitoring. You would get an ankle bracelet and your whereabouts would be monitored.

Only necessary activities like school, work, church and other social service activities may be allowed. These can be court issued or you can use an attorney to help you get the strategy for Californian alternative sentencing programs.

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