American Bald Eagle Cue Stick

Interested in the American bald eagle cue stick? Find out about this unique cue stick that features interesting graphics of the bald eagle…

As the national symbol the American Bald Eagle has been featured on many different items. One of these products is the cue stick. If you are looking for a cue stick with which you can display your patriotism them the American bald eagle cue stick is the ideal way to do so.

Interested individuals will be able to find many different kinds of American bald eagle cue sticks in the market. They are available separately as well as in complete sets. Furthermore you can purchase a cue stick with its case having the same theme. This will give you the complete American bald eagle look.

The graphic imagery of the majestic bald eagle soaring in front of a blue background can set your opponents straight. It is a matter of great pride for some people to own a cue stick with this patriotic theme. Although there is a variety of American bald eagle graphics to be found on cue sticks in general they consist of impressive detailing making them a true work of art.

You will be able to find the impressive detailed design American bald eagle cue stick with its case in the standard 58 inch long size. The approximate weight of this product is 20 ounces. The graphics are not the only special thing about this legendary cue stick. Rather it is made using some of the finest hard wood material available. This loads the player up with a solid and durable cue stick that will last for ages. Similarly the paint job is not likely to give way easily as well.

The American bald eagle cue stick has been given a superior two piece cue construction held together with rock solid brass joints. This provides a precision fit and acts as a support to keep the cue straight throughout its entire length.

It is on the butt of the stick that you will find the glorious head of the majestic American bald eagle which happens to be the national bird of the United States of America. The cue stick has an excellent grip that is unlikely to slip even in the sweatiest of palms. Above the grip you will find an interesting collage composed of an abstracted image of the American flag and the bald eagle.

This special cue stick is an excellent investment for all American billiard players. However once you invest in the American bald eagle cue stick you would want to make sure you take good care of it. In order to help you protect your prized possession you will get a solid high quality custom fit hard black case with your cue stick. The case will make sure your cue stick is protected from damage and remains straight. The insides of the case are lined with soft cushion felt so that it doesn’t receive any scratches.

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