American Eagle Jeans Size

Interested in American Eagle jeans sizes? Find out about the standard sizes set by American Eagle and how to determine your own size…

American Eagle Outfitters is highly renowned for its amazing collection of rugged jeans. It has a host of designs ranging from the low rise to the slim fit and the bootcut patterns. The collection of jeans is available in a variety of different sizes so no matter what size you wear you will be able to find a pair of American Eagle jeans that is a perfect fit for you.

Determining American Eagle jeans size

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the size of the jeans. However if you are going to be ordering through the internet you need to perfectly calculate your size so as to avoid any trouble later on. If you order the wrong fit you will have to send the item back for exchange and this would waste a lot of time and effort. Hence it is important to take the right measurements from the start.

Use a measurement tape to measure you waist. Do this at the narrowest point on your waist. You also need to measure the inseam in order to get the perfect fit. This is done by measuring down the inside of your leg. Allocate the number closest to the nearest half as your inseam. When you have these two aspects determined you are ready to order your American Eagle jeans online.

American Eagle Jeans Size Categories

Generally American eagle has placed their jeans sizes into different categories. The listing begins with an extra small size which starts from a waist and inseam of twenty six inches and goes up to twenty eight. Twenty nine to thirty one inches waist falls under the small category. Then you have the medium category which ranges from a thirty to thirty four inches on the waist. Large starts from thirty six and goes up to thirty eight after this you have extra large from forty to forty two. From their onwards you have xl, xxl and xxxl at a gap of two inches each.

The sizes are categorized according to the two main standards used in the world which are the European and Japanese standards. Every waist size has its own particular inseam length as well. However inseam lengths can be altered. For example if you have a xxl waist but your length is that of medium then you will order a xxl pair of American Eagle jeans and have them altered to your length.

The above mentioned sizes are limited to the collection of men’s jeans for adults. However American Eagle has developed a separate range of clothing and accessories for the younger generation. This category known as 77Kids caters to children from their terrible twos to the age of ten. The American Eagle collection of jeans for kids has its own sizing criteria that needs to be looked into in the same manner. However, if you don’t know what size you wear you can always find out by measuring it in the manner mentioned above.

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