American Flag Clock

Interested in the American flag clock? Discover the many amazing American flag clock variations out there in the market…

The American flag has been used as a theme for many decoration items. Amongst the collection of such products is the American flag clock. American flag clocks make excellent gift items for Americans in general and those serving in the armed forces in particular.

There are many different kinds of American flag clocks out there in the market. Some of them are as follows:

American flag wood clock

This special patriotic clock has been crafted from rough cedar wood and looks like a true work of art. The special hand painted coating adds to the exclusiveness of the product. The designer has taken a few liberties off the original design in order to give it a more abstracted look. This is an ideal American flag clock for the younger generation and can be purchased for $95 in the market.

Patriotic American Bald Eagle Round Wall Clock

As the name suggests the round wall clock features the national bird clutching unfurled American flags in its talons. It can be seen soaring high above the mountains with a blue sky background. This particular American flag clock has a lot of drama to it and yet it is remarkably cheap at $24.95.

Flag Scene Clock

This particular scene clock makes a great gift item. The clock features the American flag in full action along with the American bald eagle. This is a simple way in which you can show your patriotism.

Eagle over American Flag – Desk Accessory with Clock

This is one of the more different American eagle clocks out there. Unlike the others mentioned above this particular product is meant to serve as a desk top accessory. It features the clock inside a pedestal which holds up the American bald eagle with its wings spread out. The entire item is painted with the official colors of the American flag.

American Flag Clock And Calendar

This is a meticulously crafted wooden clock which is complimented by a calendar. A stirring image of the American bald eagle can be seen on this clock as it clutches the Old Glory in its talons. This is a rather large sized wall clock which will be hard to miss irrespective of where it is placed.

American Flag Patchwork Eagle Clock

Laboriously created, this American flag clock features detailed patch work of the official pattern of the American flag. It also features the bald eagle in a 3D form giving a wondrous appeal to the product.

Liberty Bell Clock

This special clock has been hand cut from pine wood. You will find the top bar of the clock to be wrapped with natural jute whereas the rest of the clock has been delicately hand painted to make it exclusive. The ultimate patriotic clock can be purchased for five dollars under one hundred.

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