American Girl Coconut Dog

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Coconut is the name of an adorable toy pet dog in the American Girl range that was developed as a pretend pet for young girls. It’s a West Highland Terrier puppy with soft white fur. A leash and collar enables its owner to take it for long walks. Coconut comes with a certificate that states the pet toy is 100% pure coconut. It has a small magnet in its mouth that enables it to hold a purple colored tennis-ball toy. Coconut’s personality is loyal, cuddly and adventurous. It’s favorite games are fetch the paper, hide the slipper and chase the ball. The pet likes to hangout on its bed or its owner’s bed and it’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla dog biscuit swirl.

The American Girl Coconut fun outfit for dolls features cap sleeved jersey T shirt with a screen print of Coconut. A jacket with long sleeves has a graphic of Coconut the dog on the back. Coconut’s paw print is embroidered on the front pocket of the jacket. The fun outfit is sold with a book that has the picture of Coconut on the front cover. The title of the book is “57 Things to be Happy About” and is geared to making young girls appreciate life.

What is a Coconut?

The coconut is a palm tree found in tropical countries usually by the sea shore as it thrives on sandy soil. It needs high humidity for superior growth and the palm tree does not tolerate cold weather. The seed of the coconut palm is called a coconut and it is a dry nut. It has a thick husk, called mesocarp, composed of fibres that makes it buoyant and water resistant. This husk encases a hard shell, called an endocarp, within which is white, meaty flesh and sweet water often referred to as coconut water.

Culinary Uses of Coconut

Coconut milk is obtained by processing grated coconut flesh with hot water and squeezing the milk out. It is often used in curries for flavor and taste. Coconut water from young, tender coconuts is a highly nutritious source of food and is a refreshing drink in hot weather.

American Girl Coconut is certainly a lovely choice for young girls keen on having a pet toy dog with an adorably cute name!

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