American Girl Kailey

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American Girl Kailey is an 18” limited edition Girl of the Year doll that was released by the American Girl company in the summer of 2003. As a limited edition doll, American Girl Kailey was available only for one year and only has one storybook, similar to the historical doll’s ‘Meet’ storybook. American Girl is a company that that produces a line of dolls and accessories depicting young, pre-teen girls from historic and contemporary periods. The doll’s full name is Kailey Hopkins.

American Girl Kailey Hopkins represents a 10 year old girl who lives in California close to tide pools. Kailey is a keen swimmer and surfer. Her story shows Kailey to be environmentally active girl and a fierce protester of development that is the bane of tide pools which will destroy the natural habitat of numerous marine life.

The Kailey doll has an original face mould with light skin and blonde hair with two mini braids. Kailey has brown eyes and she loves the ocean. American Girl Kailey has numerous accessories which include her favourite boogie board which she uses to go surfing. She wears a light blue sun dress, beaded necklace and bracelet. Kailey also has a dog named Sandy that wears a lavendar bandana. Kailey’s beach wear includes a wet suit and a green bikini.

American Girl Kailey was retired by the company in July 2004. Neither her doll nor any of her accessories are available from American Girl except her story book. Kailey may be purchased on the secondary market by enthusiasts.

American Girl Kailey Activity and Wallpaper

The American Girl Kailey website has an activity that shows young girls how to make a paper aquarium to hang in the window. Simple supplies such as tissue paper, scissors, glue, pencil, ruler and plastic wrap are required. Girls can follow the clear instructions on the American Girl Kailey website and make a picture frame that features fish and other marine life. The Kailey web page also has Kailey wallpaper which girls can download on their computer.

American Girl Kailey is an attractive doll whose story encourages young girls to be brave and courageous. Kailey’s story teaches girls to value the environment and protect the habitat of marine life.

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