American Girl Nicki

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American Girl Nicki is an 18” limited edition Girl of the Year doll that was released in 2007 by the American Girl company which produces a line of historical and contemporary period dolls with accessories and accompanying books. As a limited edition doll, American Girl Nicki was available only for one year. This doll was the first in its series to have two books, both of which were authored by Ann Howard Creel. The books are called “Nicki” and “Thanks to Nicki”.

American Girl Nicki represents a 10 year old girl who lives on a ranch in Colorado. She is compassionate, dependable and has a natural love for animals. Nicki trains a dog named Sprocket to be a service dog. The face of the Nicki doll is made from the original face mould. Nicki has curly and long caramel coloured hair with freckles and a pair of sky blue eyes.

The Nicki doll wears a white, long sleeved blouse with a blue skirt that has floral embroidery. A brown belt around her waist and a pair of brown faux leather boots complete Nicki’s ensemble. She also has a lovely ranch outfit and straw hat as part of her clothing and accessories line.

Nicki’s story describes how she volunteers to train service dogs and deals with friendship issues that test her loyalties. All the Nicki doll and accessories were sold out in on the American Girl website in December 2007 except for her books. The Nicki doll can still be purchased on the secondary market.

American Girl Nicki Craft

The ‘Fun for Girls’ section of the American Girl website has a special section for Nicki where girls can learn how to make a Nicki’s reminder tag in the craft section. It requires simple everyday supplies such as a length of ribbon, stickers and a simple open flap key chain. Instructions on how to make the Nicki reminder tag is easy to follow and pictures provide visual representations of the finished product.

American Girl Nicki is an attractive doll whose story encourages young girls to be dependable and reliable as well as compassionate and love animals. Nicki’s story teaches girls to be responsible and self-sacrificing for a greater goal.

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