American Indian Baskets

Want to buy Indian baskets? Read on for facts and info on this ancient craft practiced by the Native Indians and the different Indian basket designs…

Basketry is considered to be one of the oldest crafts practiced by Native Americans. Archaeologists have been able to identify Native Indian baskets dating back to over 8000 years. The various tribes of North America had their own distinct basket weaving traditions. These traditions have been preserved through successive generations and Indian baskets are now appreciated for their unique designs all over the world.

Basket weaving traditions varied in terms of the different kinds of materials that were used by each tribe along with which they would employ distinct weaving techniques. Indian baskets varied in terms of their shapes as well as the patterns that were used to adorn these baskets.

Regional Basket Weaving Traditions

Baskets made by the North Eastern Indians are extremely popular today. They are characterized by their braided Sweet grass construction as well as for the use of pounded ash splints. South Indian and Cherokee traditional baskets would make use of bundled pine needles along with river cane wicker. On the south western side the use of willow wood and tightly coiled sumac was extremely popular for the purpose of making baskets. The Northwest Coast Indians on the other hand were fond of materials like spruce root, swamp grass cedar bark.

Native Indian tribes like Dene and Ojibwe originating from the northern regions are popular for birch bark baskets and the traditional whale baleen baskets. The latter is actually a recently developed basketry tradition amongst modern native Indians.

When two or more tribes developed communal relations as they moved into a new location a fusion of different styles of basket weaving came into existence. Although many distinctive baskets were produced in this new hybrid style native Indians were adamant on preserving their original traditions. This is one of the reasons why the diversity in the Indian basket weaving traditions is still visible today.

Finding Genuine Indian Baskets

Although native Indian baskets are still made today it is quite difficult to find them in the market. This is because the traditional Indian style has been copied by many other cultures and as a result you will be able to find many cheap replicas in the market.

Some people are impressed by the aesthetic sensibilities that were used to create these traditional baskets and seek to incorporate them in the interior decoration. For those of native Indian origins traditional Indian baskets hold deep cultural significance. For both these kinds of buyers it is imperative that they make their purchase from authentic sources only. Interested individuals will be able to find many Native American artists that still practice the ancient tradition of Indian basket weaving.

You will be able to find a considerable amount of diversity in the Indian baskets that are available in the market today. Some of the most popular styles include Southwestern Indian baskets, Hopi Indian baskets and plaques as well as baskets from the Tohomo O’odham Basket weavers Organization.

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