American Indian Cigarettes

Want to learn more about Indian cigarettes? Read on for facts and info on cigarettes that were created by the Native American Indians…

Indian Cigarettes have an interesting history and background in their origin. The Native American Indians were known as smoking heads by the colonists who encountered them. They were known to smoke loosely rolled pieces of paper filled with tobacco. In fact tobacco was introduced to the whole world by Native Americans and was used as the precious commodity which filled the coffers of the British Empire.

Tobacco was the Americas equivalent of cash contribution to the British Empire as they colonized the world. As the colonists took over Indian land and their populations took a hit during the battles, Indians became more submissive. This resulted in basic levels of peace and promulgated the cultivation of different agriculture and trade crops. One of these trade crops was tobacco plantations.

Creation of Indian Reservations

After the colonization of North America and South America, Native Indians were confined to reserves and most of their traditions have been preserved in their native land. After fierce battles the native Indians refused to leave certain areas where their dead were buried and the belief in spirituality and preservation of their interaction with the universe and nature.

Popularity of Native Indian Cigarettes

As the Native Indians amalgamated with the rest of the population, an interesting law was passed in America. This law basically excludes Native Americans from paying taxes on regular consumer items and includes the sale and purchase of tobacco.

This means in turn that the American Indian can actually sell those products which they do not purchase after paying applicable taxes. This results in a cheaper option of commodities which can be purchased by non-native Americans either online or by visiting the reserves of the native Americans.

In earlier decades it was the common phenomena to see Americans rush to Indian reservations to purchase different commodities and save up on the cost.

Why would anyone want to spend an extra amount when they can get the same product and the quality for a little less online or by visiting the reservations?

By purchasing Indian cigarettes one could save on the hefty price tag of good cigarette brands but you would have to travel all the way to the Indian reservation. However, with the advance of technology you can actually now shop online and have access to duty-free prices and discounted prices from all over the world.

The prices in turn are similar to those available in the market at Indian reservations. Purchasing Indian cigarettes online means that you save yourself the hassle of driving all the way to the reservation and get the Indian cigarettes at your doorstep.

You can purchase famous brands like Misty, Spirit and Camel among others from the Indian Reservation or online vendors. In fact apart from this you can purchase fresh tobacco, rolling paper and different paraphernalia to create your own tobacco product.

Since Indian tobacco is famous for its quality this aspect is retained even till today. The high quality is the reason why people keep heading back by driving for miles to reach the reservations to purchase Indian cigarettes rather than pay full price at one of the tobacco stores close to home.


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