American Revolutionary War Flag

Interested in the American revolutionary war flag? Find out about the history of the war flag used by American in different battles…

The concept of a flag is meant to serve diverse purposes. On the one end they are taken as a symbol for a particular people and represent that people’s national pride. They are also a medium of conveying shared history. This is all the more true when it comes to the American revolutionary war flags that were used during numerous battles.

There are a number of important American revolutionary war flags. Some of them are listed below:

Bedford Flag

This is one of the earliest recorded war flags of America. It dates back to the battle of Concord that took place on April 19, 1775. Nathaniel Page, which was a Bedford Minuteman was given the honor of carrying this flag. The flag had a Latin inscription on it which meant Conquer or Die. The graphics displayed an arm emerging from the clouds signifying the help of God. The Bedford Town Library still houses the original.

Bennington or “Vermont” flag

This flag was raised to the skies in military stores across Bennington, Vermont. The exact date for this American revolutionary war flag is recorded as August 16, 1777. General John Stark led the American Militia to victory over a large British raiding force. The victory allowed the military stores in Bennington to be saved from destruction which is why it is honored with that name. The thing that sets this particular war flag apart is the fact that it begins with a white stripe.

Betsy Ross or “First Stars & Stripes”

This is perhaps the most well renowned American revolutionary war flag throughout the country’s history. It is credited as being the first stars and stripes flag and was adopted on June 14, 1777. It is on this day that the current graphic imagery of the American flag was officially resolved by the Continental Congress. However the flag went through a series of modifications through the passage of time as the exact arrangement was never specified by the congress.

Bunker Hill flag

The history of this flag dates back to June 16th 1775. This day the Americans managed to fortify Breed’s and Bunker Hills that overlook the Boston Harbor. Although their independence was not officially declared the fight went underway as a move to defend their own liberty.

Cowpens or “Third Maryland Regiment”

The Third Maryland Regiment was the first body to carry the Cowpens. This flag was part of the Continental Line of Maryland, Virginia and Georgia regiments. General Daniel Morgan led the way to a decisive victory over the British at Cowpens. The original flag is still housed at the State house in Annapolis, Maryland.

Culpeper flag

This particular flag represented a bond of about one hundred minutemen from Culpeper, Virginia. This group was part of the Colonel Patrick Henry’s First Virginia Regiment of 1775. This particular group of men gained attention due to their unusual uniform which had the following inscription “Liberty or Death” in large white letters on their chest.

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