Anna Maria Island Florida Vacation Rentals

There are many exclusive rental houses in Anna Maria Island that offer high class services to visitors during their vacation in Florida. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Rental houses in Anna Maria are mainly set in along the beach such that the visitors are able to enjoy a classic view of the coastline and also a relaxing evening breeze on the balconies.

North Beach rental house

This is a 3-bedroomed rental house found on the Northern side of Florida’s coast. The house has 2 bathrooms all fitted with hot water systems. There are sporting sites such as a golf course in close proximity to the house. Water sport lovers can also access the great coastline for a chance to enjoy great sporting activities such as water surfing. Charges of the rental house range from $1050 to $1800 on a weekly basis and $4800 on a monthly basis. The rental house offers accommodation for six adults. The master bedroom in the houses has a large closet, private washrooms and a large balcony facing the ocean.

Nantucket rental house

This is a great rental facility that is found within a walking distance to the popular Gulf Front Beach resort. The rental house has 4 unique bedrooms and accommodation costs are $225 to around $400. This is the ideal rental house for people who do not have huge budgets. Only a maximum of 12 people can be accommodated in the house and hence it is viable for families and groups. Free internet services are included in all their packages.

Waterfront vacation guest house

If you want a quiet and relaxed accommodation during your vacation, you should go to this rental house as it has a very peaceful, quiet environment. Accommodation costs range from $1675-$2000 for a week or $6250 on a monthly basis. Accommodation is usually for a maximum of six. There are conference halls within the rental houses for holding small meetings among the guests.

Ocean Vistas rental house

This is one of the common visitor destinations due to its great setting facing Florida’s coastline. Accommodation facilities are modern with the presence of modern apartments, each having 2 bedrooms connected to adjacent bathrooms.The rental house has a heated swimming pool for its visitors.The room finishing includes a spectacular deluxe floor which integrates with condominium material to give an elegant outlook. Each of the rooms has free Wi-Fi internet connections and a free call service for direct calls within America and to Canada. Shuttle services to the main tourist attractions are also included.

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