Big Bear Lake Camping

There are guidelines to be followed when camping at Big Bear Lake. If you want to know what these Big Bear Camping regulations are then read our guide for more facts and information…

You can only burn a wood or charcoal fire in an area that has been developed for camping. This would be picnic grounds or campgrounds with public road access. You must use the available fire rings for containing your fires.

If you plan to use a gas or propane stove or a lantern you will need to get a permit. These can be obtained for free at a local Ranger Station. You will not be permitted to burn wood or charcoal fires at any of the ‘Yellow Post Campsites’. This is because they have been deemed high fire risk areas.

Big Bear Shooting Regulations

There are Public Shooting Ranges delegated for recreational shooting. These are the only place you can engage in this activity. This will also require a permit unless you are legally hunting.

Additional Fire Related Regulations

Smoking will be limited to developed recreation sites or an enclosed vehicle. You may also smoke within an area of cleared vegetation that is 3 feet in diameter.

Any type of explosive device or welding/torch devices will require a permit. You need to have a spark arrester that has been approved on any kind of internal combustion engines. This could be a motorcycle, chainsaw, generator, or off-road vehicle that is being operated within the National Forest.

Fireworks are NEVER permitted within the boundaries of the San Bernadino National Forest. Along with fireworks there can be no armor piercing, tracer, Teflon, or steel core ammunition. You may not discharge a firearm toward any type of exploding target.

Big Bear Campground Instruction

When you visit the Big Pine Flats or Holcomb Valley campgrounds you should understand that they are setup on the basis of ‘first come – first serve’. They are beautiful campgrounds and can get a bit busy on weekends. You should bring your water with you when you camp there.

The family camping sites can usually handle 8 people comfortably. Big Bear camping features several sites like Hanna Flat, Big Pine Flats, Horse Springs, Pine Knot, and Serrano.

(1). Hanna Flat – This is a thick pine forest area with lots of shade. Aside from the privacy there are hiking/biking trails along with fishing and boating nearby.

(2). Big Pine Flats – This area consists of 19 different campsites. Each site includes a fire ring, picnic table, and drinking water.

(3). Horse Springs – These campgrounds feature 11 campsites. They have pit toilets and are only 12 miles to the Northwest of Fawnskin. The nearest town is San Berardino.

(4). Pine Knot – This area is far more secluded compared to the others. There are firepits, grills, and picnic tables. There are 47 sites there.

(5). Serrano – These sites are large. There are hiking/biking trails and nice walking trails. Kayaking is close by. This is a ‘family-friendly’ campsite.

Most all sites include a fire ring, table, and a BBQ Grill. There are flush toilets and firewood can be purchased onsite. There are RV hookups as well as stores and marinas nearby. You can find out what site will best suit your needs by visiting the Discovery Center.

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