Ontario Canada Fly In Fishing

Are you considering a Fly In Fishing trip to a lake in Ontario, Canada? Do you want to know what a Fly In Fishing trip has to offer? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Ontario, Canada offers numerous regions of spectacular scenery. Unfortunately, much of the scenery is in remote and virtually inaccessible regions especially by car. A Fly In fishing trip however, can allow anyone to experience the wonder of Ontario lakes and wildlife in an almost untouched environment. A Fly In fishing trip is different from an excursion to your local lake as the experience removes the traveller from the heart of modern life and into Ontario’s back country.

The Experience

Many people have experience fishing on a crowded lake, but Fly In fishing offers the opportunity to experience fishing it a natural setting. The lakes used by Fly In fishing companies are remote, and so the atmosphere of the experience is tranquil and relaxing. The experience of Fly In fishing is available throughout Ontario; however, the more remote areas are found in the Northern regions of the province. The Fly In fishing lakes are only accessible by air and so the opportunity is a unique chance to escape city life and experience authentic fishing in a remote location. Fly In fishing trips are popular among friends and families as the experience allows the travellers to spend time away from the stress of their hectic schedules or modern life.

What to Bring

Before considering a Fly In fishing trip to Ontario, Canada it is important to be aware that a valid fishing license is required. An Ontario fishing license can be obtained annually or for a span of a few weeks, which benefits many out of province travellers. Most of the lodges that run Fly In fishing trips also restrict the weight of baggage to around 100 pounds due to the flight that is necessary to reach the location. Within the 100 pounds of luggage it is important to bring clothing for all weather, personal items as well as a camera to capture the experience with.

Some lodges will ask you to bring your own food as well for the duration of the stay while others will have food available. It is also important to bring your own personal fishing gear so that you can enjoy the fishing experience as well as a personal floatation device for safety. The lodge that is affiliated with your experience will provide your travelling party with boats and camping equipment to use during your excursion.

Different Options

In order to fit a Fly In fishing trip into the modern life most lodges offer trips of varying length. The lengths of the excursions into the remote Ontario, Canada wilderness usually extend from a few days up to a few weeks. Most lodges will only book excursions for a minimum party of two. For a two to three day trip for two people the average cost usually runs at about $CAN 700. The price increases with additional days or people; however, some lodges will offer packages that can reduce the rate.  It is also common for the lodge to request a deposit in order to secure your travel dates.

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