Big Bear Mountain Biking

They say you have never really been biking until you go biking at Big Bear Mountain. If you are a biker and want to go mountain biking on Big Bear Mountain read our guide for more facts and information…

Regardless of what level of rider you are there are great trails and experiences waiting for you at Big Bear. They have trails specifically created for novices and others for the more experienced. As you gain in expertise you can take on a more challenging route.

There are some great trails in the Big Bear Lake and Snow Summit areas with names like-

• Bristlecone Trail
• Towne Trail
• Skyline Drive
• Grandview Point

A long 16 mile trek is going from Skyline Drive to Champion Lodgepole Pine and back. You can transport your bike on the Sky Chair during summertime months. This does come with some rules and restrictions such as-

1. Your Tire Size Needs To Be Under 2.5
2. Your Bike Must Weigh Under 38 LBS
3. Your Bike Must Have Two Chain Rings If It Is Single Speed
4. Your Front Shock Needs To Have Under 7.5 Inches Of Travel

The forest service roads create a biking paradise. You can drive your car into the forest and park and unload your bike. You should always be sure to take plenty of water with you when biking at Big Bear Mountain.

Snow Summit Biking:

You can go to the Snow Summit and have a smoother route to bike on. The chair lift will take you to the mountaintop along with your bike and you can ride it back down into the village or to the ski area. Starting in May the sky chair will be open on weekends. You can call about it at –
(909) 866-5766

This trail is still rugged even though it is a downhill trek. Snow Summit actually holds biking races all season long. If this interests you more information can be found at

Big Bear Biking Rentals:

If you are merely a casual bike rider then you may want to think about just renting a bicycle. You can do this at Bear Valley Bikes down on the Boulevard. It is close to Summit Boulevard and the phone number is (909) 866-8000. Another good rental is Team Big Bear Mountain Bike Center. This is located at Snow Summit in the ski area and the number there is (909) 866-4565.

Easy Trail With A Great Lake View:

If you are into easy biking with lots of beautiful scenery then you should try out the very scenic Alpine Pedal Path. It takes you on a round trip of 3 1/2 miles running along Big Bear Lake’s North Shore.

There are plenty of meadows and streams as you make your way through Jeffrey Pine and Juniper forest. Walking is also a good way to experience this trail. You can breathe in the mountain air while viewing some of the most beautiful breathtaking scenery you will see anywhere. Big Bear biking is an experience you will not soon forget.

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