Big Bear Zoo Events & Programs

The zoo at Big Bear is full of interesting animals and exhibits. If you are planning a trip to the Big Bear Zoo then read our guide for more facts and information…

At the Education Center you can find many wildlife displays along with murals and additional information concerning the animals. One example is their beautiful ‘snowy owl’ exhibit. Their snowy owl was named ‘Aspen’ and was given to the Alpine Zoo at Big Bear in the Spring of 1995. She unfortunately developed liver disease. She died in 1996 and is now part of their museum specimens found within the Education Center.

All of the animals at the Big Bear Zoo have been rescued from some form of distress. Their stories are very compelling. They have setup adoption programs where you can adopt any of the animals you like for only $25.00. Along with this you get an adoption certificate along with a great picture of your chosen animal and a fact sheet about it.

Big Bear Zoo Events And Programs:

They feature a daily feeding tour at the zoo. This is where you get to follow the keepers as they make their rounds feeding the animals. They act as tour guides and explain many interesting facts about their animals as they feed them. This is a very educational program.

At noon if the weather permits the keeper will bring out an animal for closer inspection on the grass. This animal presentation can be a raccoon, an eagle, or maybe an owl. Again there will be a very informative talk concerning the animal that is chosen.

All year long they feature a ‘Wildlife Awareness Program’. This is a traveling program that has been made available to schools, outdoor science camps, and community groups. You can make arrangements for this program by calling (909) 584-1299.

The Big Bear presentation fees begin at $175. This fee is only for Big Bear Valley. Outside of this at other communities around San Bernardino County the fee is $250. This fee is for communities that are ‘on the mountain’. The ‘off the mountain’ fees go up to $325 and outside of the county costs $350. If a school orders a presentation any same day presentation there will be discounted by 20%.

Birthdays And Group Tours:

You can hold your birthday party at the zoo. They have birthday party packages that start off at $95. This $95 covers up to 10 children and then there is an additional charge of $4 per child after that. You can add 2 animal presentations for a fee of $25. For more information visit –

The Group Tours need to be arranged 2 weeks in advance. They are led by volunteers and are dealt out on a first come/first serve basis. The largest group size is 80 people. The prices vary on the number of people attending. For groups of 1-25 the price is $200, then you just add $4 per person after that. You can get more information by calling (909) 866-9700.

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