Bombay Beach California

Interested in Bombay Beach California? Learn more about the deserted Bombay Beach California…

The Bombay Beach in California has mild winters and very hot summers. The best time to visit this area is during fall, winter or spring but summer must be avoided. It lies on the eastern coastline of the Salton Sea and has a maximum of 350 residents.

The shore side of the Bombay Beach town was packed with people during the 40s and was a party town. However, since the flood in the 1970s the town has become a ghost town, although you can find hardware stores and trailers dotting the area.

History of the Bombay Beach

It was considered the main area for vacationers during the 50s and replicated the French Riviera in California. However the main problems arose with the rise in the salinity of the Salton Sea. This led to a lot of deaths of fish and birds. Furthermore, the area followed with a series of devastations due to tropical storms during the 1970s. Most of the beach country was ruined gradually and it has never recovered.

The main problem faced by this region is the rising and falling water levels. Even though there is a berg constructed to protect the West side, the other areas are still affected. Any area beyond that part of town is sunken underwater or buried under mud from the floods.

Present Condition of The Bombay Beach

There are a few residents who find refuge from the blazing sun in their trailers. The Bombay Beach has an entirely flooded shoreline. There is a salt buildup in the region and all the buildings and trailers in the area are evidently covered in the salt.

Salton Sea Recreation Park In The Vicinity Of Bombay Beach

The Salton Sea is considered an in-line saline lake lying in the Sonaron desert. This is in extreme southeast California. There are rich agricultural lands on the south and the Imperial Valley and the Borrego Desert State Park on the west. You have the Salton National Wildlife Refuge and State Recreation area on its shores.

The mysterious event of birds dying off and less mysterious flooding has resulted in a desert community that has some state recreation areas. You can find the best places to visit with picnic sites, campsites and playgrounds. There is an entire hiking trail navigation system, as well as the boat ramp and boardwalk areas in the Salton state recreation area. The activities that can be enjoyed in the lake right next to the deserted Bombay Beach include fishing, skiing and bird watching.

Even though the Bombay Beach itself is a deserted area, the Salton State Park and recreation area offers activities for the million visitors who visit annually. You can actually get to the Palm Springs resort which lies just thirty miles to the north and the Gen. Patton Museum which is 40 miles northeast. The historical area of Dos Palmas Preserve lies just east of the park.

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