Breckenridge Ice Fishing

Going Breckenridge ice fishing requires you to travel to Lake Dillon, a spot about 10 minutes from Breckenridge, Colorado. You also need a fishing license in order to legally participate in this outdoor sport. Continue reading for more facts about Breckenridge ice fishing trips.

Ice fishing is when you try to catch fish with a line, fish hook, or spear through a portion of a frozen body of water. Because you must sit on the ice by the hole used for fishing, generally this is a winter sport. Seats for ice anglers visiting Breckenridge could be a stool or if you have quite a bit of money to spend a heated cabin with amenities such as hot showers and toilets right on the ice.

Fishing License Required

Non-residents over the age of 16 must buy a fishing license which costs about $5 for a one day license up to $40 for an annual permit. These can be purchased throughout the area at places such as Wal-Mart in Frisco and City Market in Breckenridge. The first full weekend of June allows free fishing without a license for residents and non-residents alike, but you cannot safely ice fish during the warmer months. Ice fishing is most popular at dusk or dawn.


Do not go ice fishing without the guidance of professionals who can make sure you are safe from falls, wearing warm enough clothing and also are using the proper angling equipment. A number of vehicles, fish houses and people fall through the ice internationally each year, especially when an unexpected warm day happens during the winter months and creates “rotten” or unsafe ice. The chances of you making a full recovery from such an accident are dramatically increased if you are in a group with a qualified leader. Ideally, only special vehicles designed specifically for that purpose should drive right onto the ice. It is not a good idea to take very young children ice fishing.

Make the Most of Your Trip!

You and your family can also enjoy a number of other activities during your trip other than Breckenridge ice fishing or traditional angling without the ice element. Skiing is an obvious choice. The hiking trails so popular in summer months become snowshoe trails in winter. Sledding is an easy and affordable outdoor pursuit; you can buy a sled for just a few dollars at virtually any store in the Breckenridge area. Ice skating as well as snow biking and snowmobiling are easy to find both on and off the Breckenridge Ski Resort. Golf, bowling, jet skiing, 4-wheeling, mine tours, rafting, horseback riding, sleigh rides and amusement parks in Breckenridge and Frisco are other ways to blow off steam and enjoy the great outdoors during your trip.

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