Special Olympics Northern California

Need info on Special Olympics in Northern California? Learn more about the Northern California’s Special Olympics organization and the events which inspire greatness…

The Special Olympics in Northern California allows community members to get involved and assist as volunteers or coaches. There are special segments that include athletes, coaches, family members and their responsibilities. Volunteering also provides opportunities for schools and sponsors to participate in this great activity.

The athletes are provided with a unified platform for competition and sports training facilities. This helps them transcend their disabilities and challenge themselves to show the world what they can achieve given the right direction and assistance.

Community Involvement in Northern California Special Olympics

Volunteers form the backbone of the Special Olympics in Northern California. The program has more than 11,000 people who have assisted at one point or another. These volunteers feel substantially rewarded by assisting a Special Olympics athlete. More than 4400 volunteers have assisted the Special Olympics Northern California program by functioning as trained coaches. These experienced and professional coaches have given time and effort towards furthering the program with measurable results. Subsequently they have been rewarded with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

The family members also function as coaches, fundraisers and speakers, along with indulging in volunteer activity. They provide a constant source of support and encourage the athletes. The aim of the program is to inspire greatness and show the strength of the human spirit and its impact. Northern California has special sponsors who contribute on account of corporate social responsibility and further the cause.

The different aspects included in the Northern California Special Olympics programs are the various fundraisers, resultant sports, and training activities for students with developmental disabilities. It is possible to make a donation, or participate as an event manager or athlete support assistant.

Platform for Schools and Special Children

The modern educational system allows those suffering from developmental disabilities to attend schools. However, they do not have the opportunity to indulge in sporting events because these are mainstream events. However, these schools can participate in the Northern California’s Special Olympics program, and allow the presentation of their students in a competitive environment. Therefore, educators do not have to indulge in preparing actual programs for disabled children. They have the program of the Northern California’s Special Olympics to provide and address these needs.

Exciting Events as Fundraisers for the Special Olympics

One of the interesting events is where local law enforcement agency personnel serve as celebrity waiters. All their tips are donated to the Special Olympics of Northern California. This event takes place at the Spaghetti Factory in San Pedro, San Jose. It includes a dinner event where the law enforcement personnel will serve as waiters.

The Chinese Camp School will see the first run of the year. It will be possible to run through the Sierra Nevada foothills. All the participants are encouraged to donate, and help the sufferers of learning and development to disabilities to enjoy sporting competitions.

A special marathon will be conducted at a bowling alley as a fundraiser by athletes, supporters and coaches to raise funds for the Tulare County Special Olympics athletes.

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