Cheap Fun Places to Go In Southern California

Looking for cheap fun places to Go In Southern California? Discover the amazing free, fun cheap places in Southern California…

Southern California offers a variety of locations that can be enjoyed on a low-budget. Not only are some of the locations free to enjoy, but some of them offer very cheap and fun activities. Southern California may be an expensive state, but when you’re traveling with your family on a tight budget you need not compromise on the quality of fun.

From natural wonders to wonderful shopping destinations you can enjoy just about anything for the price of a full gas tank. Some of the regions listed below have very minimal admission fees. To save more money you can take along a packed lunch rather than eat at an expensive café. It’s unbelievable how much fun you can have at low cost, but it’s possible in Southern California.

Visit Point Dume Nature Preserve

Nothing beats a day out with the family then spending it at the glorious Point Dume Nature Preserve. This pristine location can be enjoyed at any time during the year and is one of the most enchanting picnic spots in Southern California. It is located 18 miles north of Santa Monica. You can drive along the scenic Malibu coast and take in the beauty of the ocean as you drive along the houses and public beaches. All age groups can actually enjoy this treasure trove of a location.

There are 32 acres of land and many hiking trails on the Point Dume Nature Preserve. You can actually climb the route up to the summit or take the smaller one offering steps to the Pirates Cove beach below.

Another interesting spot is the James and Rosemary Nix Nature Center, which is conveniently located in the center of Laguna Canyon. This can be found right off the Laguna Canyon Road. You can get into the center and hike the trails for free. Inside the premises you can enjoy the different exhibits based around the animals which live in the canyons and the geographical description of the canyons themselves.

The area is fully fitted and facilitated with picnic tables, drinking fountains and, most importantly, restrooms accompanied with changing tables for young children. Ideal souvenirs can be found at the on-site store that sells nature oriented merchandise.

If you are very adventurous then you can skip the half-mile trail and go for the challenging hiking trails that rise up Little Sycamore Canyon. One of the most interesting hiking trails that extends from the center goes all the way to Barbara’s Lake, which is the only natural lake in Orange County. With a packed lunch you can enjoy the Laguna Canyon and have a cheap, fun location to enjoy in Southern California.

Chinatown and Little Saigon

These two cheap, fun places to go in Southern California are interesting and filled with small mom-and-pop stores. You can find restaurants, different items and knickknacks, along with the oldest shopping mall in Chinatown known as Old Chinatown Plaza.

The best thing to do is explore this area on foot and choose amazing Chinese origin items like bamboo plants, turtles and water fountains to spice up your home.

The largest number of Vietnamese shopping malls can be found in Little Saigon which is located in main Orange County in Garden Grove City. Walking through the area you can shop for essentials or Oriental products. Also the food is amazing and can be enjoyed at budget prices.

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