Cheap Motels Crescent City California

Require a cheap motel in Crescent City California? Learn more about the various options for cheap motels in Crescent city California…

When you’re traveling to the north coast of California and require cheap motels in Crescent City, it is a good idea to do a comparative rate search. There is an official hotel site that provides cheap rates for 18 motels across California, and has been reviewed by residents who have visited the places. From Gardenia Motels to Lighthouse Inn and Holiday Inn Express, you can find a variety of places to live with comfort and smooth operations.

You can find America’s Best Value Inn, Curly Red Wood Lodge, KOA Campgrounds, Shoreline RV Park, as well as Hampton Inn and Suites. Some of the competitive values are offered by Front Street Inn and Best Western Northwoods Inn. The good thing about these motels is that they are not only reasonably priced, but some of them are located in main downtown in Crescent City.

This means that they are right in the center of the city and are also very close to the harbor. Most of the motels are at a walking distance from the beach and commercial districts. This means that they make an ideal location for family vacations and business travelers.

Cheap Hotels in Crescent City California

Lighthouse Inn is considered very economical and offers great service in its clean and charming atmosphere. Curly Redwood Lodge is rated as a no-frills, no pets and no smoking hotel, making it perfect for business travelers. You also have the Crescent Beach Hotels if you want to live right on the beach, and this is rated number three. The Crescent City Bay View Inn is rated as perfect for the price and a good place to stay with the family. Pacific Inn is rated highly by tactical travelers who would like a quiet and clean environment along with great wi-fi services.

Moderately Priced Hotels in Crescent City California

The Hampton Inn and Suites in Crescent City offers economical living accommodations along with great views. It offers the best bargains in off-season times. If you are on a vacation then perhaps the quintessential Jade River Lodge is the best place to stay. It is a beautiful gateway to the river and you can find the perfect spot for a great price. A slightly higher end hotel is known as the Anchor Beach Inn, which is considered decent but not very high value because it offers much less than it charges. The A on Eighth is very highly rated, but high-priced. Therefore, it is not suitable for the budget traveler. The Best Western Northwoods Inn has a very friendly staff and clean rooms.

Prepare Yourself for Budget Hotels

However, you must check out great reviews online before booking a place because some of the leading names that advertise a lot are quite disappointing. There have been small issues like over possessive staff members to major issues like dirty premises and stained linens. Therefore, it is a good idea to fully comb through the reviews before booking your spot. And if there is any issue that comes up during your travel, you should always have alternative hotels in mind so that the establishment can not force you to live in shoddy environments during your stay in Crescent City, California.

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