Choosing An American Bulldog Puppy

Given that there are a lot of types of bulldogs, you might find it a bit difficult and confusing when it comes to choosing American bulldog puppies. You need to know which breed is the right one for you, so here are some tips when choosing an Americ

Decide On The Breed And Gender Of Your Bulldog Puppy

The first thing that you must do is to determine if it is really an American bulldog that you want. Bulldogs are friendly and affectionate but they can also be aggressive particularly to people whom they are not familiar with. Aside from doing research about bulldogs, you can also take some time to be with them. Try walking and spending time with bulldogs so that you can get to know their characteristics.

The next thing you need to consider in choosing an American bulldog puppy is the gender. Female dogs are usually more moody than male dogs. This is because female bulldogs tend to have hormonal mood swings so they only show affection from time to time. On the other hand, male dogs are more affectionate and friendly than female dogs but they are aggressive. They are known to act in an aggressive manner towards strangers.

Choose A Reputable Breeder

Another important point that you need to consider when choosing an American bulldog puppy is the breeder. It is not advisable to get your American bulldog puppy from a pet shop because pet shops get the puppies from commercial breeders or mills so you have no assurance on the dog’s health. Also, do not purchase puppies from individuals who breed puppies in kennels. They might be puppy mills.

It is recommended that you select a respectable and reputable dog breeder. When meeting with the breeder, you can ask a lot of questions such as his experience and reasons for breeding bulldogs as well as the kind of care and environment given to the puppies. You may also get a copy of the puppy’s health records or have a look at the puppy’s parents so that you may have an idea of how your puppy will turn out to be.

Choosing The Right American Bulldog Puppy For You

When choosing an American bulldog puppy, you can take each puppy to a puppy litter and check their personalities. Energetic and active bulldog puppies are likely to become bold and aggressive when they are older compared to calm and reserved ones.  It is best that you choose a puppy that is not too active nor too reserved so that you can have a puppy that is neither aggressive nor submissive.

Lastly, spend some time alone with your chosen puppy. When your puppy is not showing any signs of inconsistencies with his behavior, then you have chosen the right puppy for you. Always keep these tips in mind so that you end up having a great addition to your family.

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