Construction Accident Lawyers New York

Have you had an construction-related accident in New York City? Are you looking for a construction accident lawyer? Then read our guide for tips on finding the best construction accident attorney for you…

The construction industry ranks third after agriculture and mining when it comes to accidental deaths. Although countless regulations and safety procedures are in place accidents still occur on construction sites at an alarming rate. Workers’ compensation can only help to defray some of the costs associated with construction accidents. Nevertheless, the services of a construction accident attorney are often required to ensure that construction accident victims and their families receive fair and adequate compensation.

Who Can Best Help?

Although there are many capable personal injury lawyers who would be more than willing to take on just about any case that comes their way a construction accident attorney with experience and training in construction and construction accidents is often the best lawyer for the job.

The potential for injury on almost any construction site is extensive. Scaffolding, a wide variety of equipment, cranes, energy conduits and devices as well as volatile liquids and flammable gas are just some of the hazardous, but necessary elements and materials found on a typical jobsite. Add to that the numerous employees from a variety of companies with varying degrees of training, common sense and experience and the potential for mishaps of all kinds is hardly surprising.

What can be yet more surprising and just as complicated is determining the reasons for the the accidents, injuries and deaths that occur in this sort of environment. One might well begin to understand why an experienced construction accident attorney is more than necessary when it comes to advocating on an accident victim’s behalf.

New York State Law states that an employee is not allowed to sue their employer for damages resulting from a work-related accident. In the eyes of the law that leaves general or sub-contractors, property owners, architects and possibly equipment manufacturers as potentially responsible parties in the context of a suit for damages. The third party lawsuits necessary in these situations are likely to require an experienced construction accident lawyer to achieve a satisfactory settlement.

As a minimum requirement the construction accident attorney that you consider should be able to demonstrate with verifiable examples successful litigation of cases that resemble your situation. Any construction accident lawyer that you consider hiring to represent you should be able to meet with you personally before you commit to using their services.

Any preliminary consultation regarding your case should be conducted free of charge. A construction accident lawyer, should in most instances, be willing to put you in touch with a client that they have represented in the past who is willing to vouch for their integrity and expertise.

Act Quickly

Physical or mental trauma may interfere with your ability to act quickly and decisively after a construction accident. A qualified construction accident attorney is aware of how crucial acting quickly can be. In the aftermath of a construction accident it is not unheard of for insurance company operatives or site inspectors or supervisors to alter the site conditions that caused your accidental injury in the first place. A qualified construction lawyer knows enough to prevent that from happening as well as innumerable other things that only experience can teach. The sooner you have such a person acting in your best interests after an accident the better the outcome for you or your loved ones will be.

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