Craigslist Southern California

Interested in the Southern California Craigslist? Learn more about the centralized network on Craigslist Southern California with communities featuring classified advertisements…

Craigslist Southern California is considered one of the largest online networks of communities that is consolidated to offer free classified advertisements. There are separate sections devoted to free advertisement for housing, jobs, personals, services and for sale ads, as well as gigs, community and résumés. There are complete discussion forums available online also.

Description Of Craigslist Southern California

Started in 1995 by Craig Newmark, the service of free classifieds was an e-mail distribution list for friends. It started off with local events in the San Francisco Bay Area and in 1996 it was turned into a web-based service.

Craigslist Inc.

It was incorporated as a private company in 1999 and then expanded into nine more American cities. Over time it has grown to be operating in 700 cities in approximately 70 countries. Interestingly enough there are only 28 staff members at the company.

Revenue Generating Model

The main business model allows the company to derive its income from posting paid job ads in selected cities. The income source is a revenue of $75 for each advertisement posted in San Francisco Bay Area. Cities like Washington DC, Seattle, Chicago and Philadelphia charge $25 for each advertisement, and the same rate applies to other cities like Oregon and Portland. Other leading cities also generate the same revenue and include Los Angeles, San Diego, and Boston and New York City advertisements. The paid apartment listings by brokers in New York City are charged at $10 per advertisement.

There are more than 20 billion page views delivered on a monthly basis making it the 37th most viewed website in the world and 11th in America. There are more than 49.4 million individual monthly visits in America alone to the website according to online research data revealed in 2010. More than eighty million brand-name classified advertisements are posted each month. This makes Craigslist the leading classifieds service provider in all media.

Description of the Classifieds

Craigslist gets more than 1 million new job listings on a monthly basis. This means that it is one of the leading job portals on an international level. There are traditional buy and sell advertisements, community announcements and  personal ads.

There have been very minor design improvements since it has been established. The design was  simple at its inception. There is minimal use of JavaScript and CSS to keep the design philosophy very simple, but it makes the website very dated. However, this has not deterred users from researching for classifieds on the site.

Objective of The Craigslist

The dream of the list creator was not and has never been to maximize profits. Therefore, the focus is on assisting people in getting the right cars, jobs, dates and apartments.
The company has never disclosed financial and ownership information on a public basis. There are often reports by commentators and analysts providing different figures in terms of the total profit and turnover. However, they have never been substantiated by company representatives. These estimates range from as much as one million in 2007 to 150 million in 2008. There are three board members including eBay, Newmark and Buckmaster. EBay owns approximately 25% of the shares with Buckmuster being the largest shareholder.

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