History Of Colfax California

Colfax, California history is very interesting. Want to know more about what this town offers? Read our guide to learn more information and facts…

Colfax, California has a long and rich history. Colfax was first home to the native Indian tribes, including the Miwok and Maidu tribes. The city was not always named Colfax, but went by a few other names first. Alder Grove was the first official name, and it was used in the middle of the eighteenth century. As the town grew and developed into a city the name was changed to Illinoistown. This name was later amended to Colfax after a visit in 1865 by the Speaker of the House Schuyler Colfax, to honor the man. A statue still stands today to remind residents of the history behind the city.

Railroads And Robberies

The Central Pacific Railroad played an important role in the history of Colfax, California, and was the reason that Schuyler Colfax visited the city in the first place. Gold was also a big reason for the draw to Colfax in the eighteenth century, and the very first stagecoach robbery in California occurred near the town in April of 1852. A Nevada City stagecoach was robbed by the Reelfoot Williams Gang, and the bandits took seven thousand dollars worth of gold bullion as well as all the money and other items the two passengers had. The city offers many historic sites, including Route 40 which still runs through Colfax today.

The Same Historic Feel

The train depot in Colfax is a historical building, and it has been restored to previous glory. Many buildings in town still retain the historic look and feel from the eighteen hundreds, and the city has always attracted a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds for a very diverse population. Through the years the city has reached a population of around two thousand, and downtown still retains the same look and feel as it did in more than one hundred years ago.

Colfax And The End Of An Era

The history of Colfax, California goes back more than two hundred years, and is very rich even though the city covers less than two square miles. Jules Verne mentioned this location when he wrote the book Around the World in Eighty Days. Until 1942 the city of Colfax had the distinction of being the Nevada County Narrow Guage Railroad”s southern terminus. This ended when the railroad was removed from the city in 1942.  Interstate 80 was built to run through the city as well, and is still used today by many motorists. The history of Colfax, California is full of interesting facts and famous sites, and this makes the city a great place to visit for anyone interested in the history of the American West.

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