Native American Wall Art

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Wall art is one of the most unique artistic expressions made by the Native Americans. Wall art was practiced in almost all Native American tribes. Over the years this form of art has attracted much attention due to its aesthetic value and historical significance.

Some great examples of Native American wall art are as follows:

End of the Trail

The ‘End of the Trail’ is an original pastel and prismacolor drawing which has been signed off by the artist. It is drawn on card stock, which is bonded, no tooth artist drawing paper and subsequently acid free. Each art piece is finished off with a coat protective spray which is the mark of a professional artist.

The artist is drawn towards the classic genre of the romance of the South West, the West and Cowboy culture. Having grown up in Nevada and Colorado, the personal photographs of life in that area is what the inspiration is drawn from. The artist developed the sharp focus prismacolor and pastel technique which makes the images come to life on the paper. The studio is located in Mesquite, Nevada and each original artwork is guaranteed with the initials of the artist on the front and the title, date and complete signature on the back.

Coming Down From Black Mountain

A beautiful piece depicting the romantic settings of Cowboy culture, the magnificence of horses and life in the country west, ‘Coming Down From Black Mountain’ brings the theme alive. The oil painting exudes a vibrancy and richness that reveals the artists strong understanding and connection of the region. Having grown up in Nevada and Colorado this fondness for the West was well preserved in the collection of photographs in the persona belongings of the artist. Drawing inspiration from these images, the old age West and Cowboy culture is brought to us in all its glory.

The Western Screech Owl

This Owl is a beautiful, patient predator that stays on its perch till required. Then with one swift motion it dives onto its prey from its perch. This image was shot during a span of few hours and is one of the best of the 40 the artist captured as the owl braved the foray. The images were shot from a distance and the bird did not move for the entire duration of the shoot! This magnificent creature has a wingspan of 18-24 inches and is 7.5 – 11 inches in length with a tail of approx 3.5 inches. The average weights for the male owl are 5.4 oz and for the female are 6.6 oz. Owls feed on small birds, mammals, lizards, frogs and even crayfish and have an average lifespan of 13 years.

Skeleton of Coyote and Datura Blossom

The image of the ‘Skeleton of Coyote and Datura blossom’ is a mixed medium photo image and is available for sale as greeting cards, canvas, framed or mounted prints and even as a poster.  This gorgeous image capturing the glory of nature at sunset at the Grand Canyon is shot from the Hopi Point at the Grand Canyon.

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