Indian Girl Costumes

Want to buy Indian girl costumes? Read on to explore the variety available in the market and find the perfect Indian girl costume for yourself…

There is a wide variety of both Native American and Indian Subcontinent dresses available online and in specialty costume and Indian apparel stores in the larger cities. You can also buy accessories for your Native American Indian girl costumes as well as little purses and shoes for the shalwar kameez or party dresses you may choose from an Indian garment store.

Native American Indian Girl’s Costumes

One of the most popular Native American Indian costume for girls is the Princess Pocahontas costume. This includes a half-sleeve knee-length or longer dress made of suede-style material that is usually a fawn color and it costs about forty dollars. Thread frills under Indian embroidery-style print adorn the neckline and hemline. A belt is included and if you buy a headband with a double-ponytail wig the effect is somewhat convincing.

Accessories and Other Native American Indian Girl’s Costumes

You would also want to ditch a normal purse and carry a Native American style pouch or satchel adorned with Indian art; these start at five dollars. Quite exquisite looking bead necklaces, chokers, and bracelets as well as pendants can be found in the five to ten dollar range. Depending on whether you are feeling amiable or ready to go on the warpath, a peace pipe or spear costs less than five dollars. You can also buy moccasin covers for your shoes for eight dollars and twenty dollars will get you full-length boot covers with fringes.

The Princess Wildflower Costume has a dark-colored poncho with frilly hemline and Indian embroidery style work on the neck and above the frills. A beaded drawstring nicely decorates the neck and there is a matching skirt and plush boot covers plus bands to tie ponytails with. There are also cheaper white or pink princess dresses made of vinyl in the twenty dollar range. You get artwork under the neckline and a headband with feathers.

There are also Indian maiden dresses and dresses which do not purport to be princess dresses. Some of these actually look better than the vinyl princess costume but overall, Native American Indian girl’s costumes are more similar than they are different.

Indian Girl’s Costumes from the Indian Subcontinent

Even if you don’t live in a major city with Indian retail garment stores, you can order girl dresses from online companies. Girl’s dresses usually feature loose fitting knee-length shirts called kameezes or kurtas that are available in many rich vibrant colors and exquisite floral or Indian-art block prints. They are paired with matching solid-color or printed baggy trousers called shalwars or tighter fitting pyjamas. The ensemble is usually completed with a head and shoulder covering called a dupatta.

Matching sandals and purses can be bought from any store but if you need authentic Indian chappals or ethnic jutis you will have to check an Indian garment store or online company. Of course, you can also get little saris at some stores for young girls as well as full-size affairs for older girls. There are also more festive and ethnic choices such as ghararas and lehngas which are loose flowing skirts but much more colorful and well-adorned. These are usually worn with blouses and various styles of dupattas and head coverings.

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