Indian Princess Costumes

Want to buy Indian princess costumes? Read on to learn more about the elements that make up the traditional princess costume…

Indian princess costumes are some of the most popular costumes on Halloween and for dress-up parties. Complete ensembles can be bought at local specialty costume stores or from online mail-order companies. There is also a wealth of accessories such as jewelry, satchels, and head dresses that can be bought to completely customize an individual dress.

Princess Wildflower Indian Princess Costumes

The Princess Wildflower Costume is a complete ensemble available for forty dollars online or at local stores. This is available in little girl sizes and has a dark poncho with frilled hemline and Indian embroidery style work on the neck and above the frills. There is a beaded drawstring at the neck, mostly for decorative purposes but it does look good. There is a matching skirt with frills and plush boot covers which look great over moccasins.

A similar dress is also available for teenagers. It has a single-piece strap dress with the frills, drawstring and nice embroidery-style work. Plush boot covers are included as well as a feather ornament for the hair and armband. It is usually sold as a teen Indian Princess Costume and retails for thirty five dollars.

Vinyl Indian Princess Costumes

Young girls can also get cheaper white or pink dresses made of vinyl in the twenty dollar range. There is some artwork on the chest and a simple headband with feathers but not much else in this price range. Slightly more money can net a head dress with ponytail wigs or yarn hair. Bead necklaces, chokers, and bracelets can give a more regal princely look to the costume as can a ceremonial tomahawk. The dress is available for adults but will cost about a dozen dollars more.

Princess Pocahontas Costume

There are also many costumes celebrating the Native American Indian princess Pocahontas. Deluxe versions costing upwards of a hundred dollars have a poly-suede dress with contrasting fringes and decorative trims. They come with underpants and a frilly boot tops as well as a draw cord for a belt. Headband with ponytail wig is an accessory worth buying.

Similar Native American Princess costumes with fawn-colored suede-look fabrics cost less than forty dollars for the basic ensemble. This includes a near ankle-length half-sleeve dress with embroidery-style print on the hemline and neck right above nice thread frills. A belt is included and it is worthwhile to spend fifteen dollars on braided ponytail wigs and headband.

Matching carrying pouches start at five dollars and would be necessary because you would not want to carry a normal purse with the costume. Bead necklaces, chokers, and bracelets can be found in the five to ten dollar range and a peace pipe or spear (depending on your mood) is under five dollars. Eight dollar suede-style moccasin covers can let you use your own shoes and twenty dollars can get you full-length boot covers with fringes.

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