Long Beach Whale Watching

Excited about Long Beach whale watching? Learn more about the interesting cruises for whale watching in Long Beach California…

Long Beach whale watching in California is a very popular adventure. Each season of whale watching is packed with enthusiastic tourists and locals. There are cruises that have been running for more than two decades, and the experienced captains of the ship provided a great adventure. Their narrative details the entire process and leaves the whale watchers enthralled.

Whale Watching Seasons

The gray whale season starts in December and runs all the way through the middle of May. There is a lot of information available about the Pacific gray whales that migrate annually from the Bering Sea located in Alaska, and come all the way to the Lagoon in Baja California. The blue whale season runs from June and all the way through December. You will get information on the blue whales characteristics and its migratory pattern.

Excitement In The Long Beach Whale Watching Cruises

Nature’s most incredible mammal is known as the whale and it is very exciting to watch it in groups. The experience is not only educational but also enjoyable. The cruises provide very informative narratives by a biologist and experienced staff members. The Aquarium of the Pacific provides a biologist for the cruises. In fact not only will you be watching the whales but also the Dolphins who keep jumping in and out of the water as they move along with the school of whales.

Cruise Facilities

The accommodation on the ships is very comfortable. It is possible to get drinks and snacks on the galley service. The accommodation provides restrooms, the deck area where you can see the whales, and an opportunity to take stunning and memorable pictures. You can reserve a spot on the cruise for a group or individuals. There are generally separate prices for senior citizens and students available at different cruises. The positions fill up rapidly when the migratory season starts. One should book early if you are enthusiastic about attending one of the upcoming seasons. Every age group can enjoy the experience highly.

Details about Long Beach

Long Beach in Southern California is located on the Pacific coast. It is just 30 km towards the south of downtown Los Angeles and is part of the Los Angeles County. It borders Orange County on the southeast and neighbors Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, and the New Port Beach cities. It is considered the 35th largest city in the nation and is the fifth largest city in California. The Long Beach port is known as the world’s largest shipping port. Long Beach was founded on the oil which was this found underground and off shore also and is home to a large oil industry. You can find manufacturers of automobile parts, electronic equipment, aircraft and audiovisual equipment.

Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach provides the perfect spot to take off for whale watching in Long Beach. It also provides access to shops, Ferris wheels and restaurants close to the area, while you can shop at the Shoreline Village and enjoy with your children.

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