Chinese Family Symbols

The Chinese symbols for family occupy a special place in their culture. Find out what they mean to the Chinese in particular and the rest of the world in today’s times.
Chinese Family Symbols
Family Symbol

The family has always been the pinnacle of society in Chinese culture.

As a strong unit a family becomes the building block of society. Alternatively a weak family structure contributes to the disintegration of society. The Chinese have long known this fact and hold family values in great honor.

Of course each culture has its own set of family values that are conditioned by many things such as their faith, geography and the kind of food they eat. Hence the Chinese family system too has its own unique attributes.

Amongst the different aspects associated with the family in China are the Chinese symbols that represent family.

These symbols are many in number and are of integral importance to Chinese families because they have been coming down from many generations.

The origins of the family symbols

The collection of Chinese symbols for family showcases the mysterious nature of the Chinese culture. Tracing back the history of Chinese family symbols we find them to have come about to their current forms through a series of adaptations that took place over a period of time.

The adaptations seem to have been derived from what must have been an attempt to create a realistic image of a given situation or object. The adaptations that formed the Chinese family symbols took place a long time ago. Generally the symbols have remained the same for many years undergoing only slight changes.

Chinese calligraphy is neither just the writing of characters nor is it the Chinese writing. Rather it is a unique form of art the flourishing of which is strongly associated with the invention of Chinese paint brushes. Hence we find a wide range of Chinese family symbols that are amazing at their face value but are also accompanied by deeper meanings.

Chinese family symbols in modern times

The use of Chinese family symbols continues even today centuries after they were evolved. Families would often display the symbol in their homes so as to keep the spirit of the family alive. The symbol would be represented in different mediums such as scrolls or paintings.

The ancient belief that surrounding your self with a particular Chinese symbol will bring about the positive effects that are intended through that symbol still prevails in China. This is one of the reasons why the family symbols are still in use. Irrespective of what the rest of the world thinks the Chinese continue to stick to their historic tradition.

The west however has a totally different perspective of Chinese symbols for family. First of all there is a huge difference between the family values held by the west and their practice of holding up the ties of kith and kinship.

The family is not nearly as closely fitted together as it has been in the Chinese culture for ages. Hence in their essence the Chinese family symbols are not really taken in the same sense by the westerners as they are back in China.

Of course there may be the odd family out that sticks together like the Chinese family unit and you may find them making use of the Chinese symbols for family in various forms. The bulk of the people are however just impressed by Chinese calligraphic art.

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