Native American Beaded Jewelry

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The world famous Native American beaded jewelry did not develop until the colonial era. It is only when the colonists came in with their glass beads that the Native Americans started to experiment with the medium. Soon enough they became masters of the art form so much so that beaded jewelry is now considered to be an identity forming aspect of the Native American culture.

The most popular kind of glass beads used for the construction of beaded jewelry are fine seed beads. The various designs and styles you see have all originated from various tribes across America. The best known Native American beadwork belongs to the Indians from the plains.

Peyote stitch beading is renowned for its intricacy where as bone hairpipe chokers are popular for their imposing looks. Other popular beadwork jewelry items include wampum belts from the Eastern Indians and the Dentalium strands developed by the west coast Indians. Floral beadwork is another art form known to have been developed by the Northern Indians whereas the southwest Indians are credited for developing turquoise and shell heishi beads.

Native American Beaded Amulet Jewelry

Amulets featuring turtles and lizards have been popular for ages amongst the natives. Traditionally these amulets were made using deerskin and would then be beaded with seed beads. Some of the varieties of this kind of beaded jewelry include the Grass Old Shina. This is a special custom beaded turtle mostly worn by Native Indian women. Another variety of the turtle beaded amulet is the Sunrise Old Shina. These lovely turtle amulets are presented to new born baby girls. The same thing is also available in a shiny turquoise with deep purple, yellow and red beads.

The Young Blue Shina on the other hand is a beaded lizard which is presented to new born baby boys. This particular version has a front that has been made using four different shades of blue beads. The same thing is available in green as well.

Native American Beaded bracelets

Generally Native American beaded bracelets are loomed. Some are loomed first and then sewn on to deer skin. The unique techniques allow the wearer to adjust the beads according to his preference. The Lazy Stitch for example is one of the most popular beaded bracelets from the Native American collection.

This bracelet has been made in the peyote style stitching and has the beads sewn on to brain tanned deerskin. The traditional Sunkmanitu Tanka is another popular bracelet variety found in the collection. This one has a special fastening system made using five sliding copper beads. If you want to go for something more aggressive then the Turquoise Thunder’s Home is a spectacular piece of Native American beaded jewelry with an imposing design. Catch the vibrancy of the true Native American Spirit with the Strike a Light beaded bracelet possessing its colorful beads and interesting composition.

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