Native American Flags

Interested in Native American Flags? Find out about the unique tribes that have their own native flags…

Every American Indian tribal community has its own native flag. There are about 185 Indian Tribal organizations scattered over the map of America. Each Native American flag has its own significance, history and symbolism related with the tribal community that it represents.

Some of the most prominent tribes that have their own Native American Flags are as follows:

Native Flag of the Ojibwe tribe

The dwellers of the forest country situated around the North Shore of Lake Huron along with the shores of Lake Superior are known as the Ojibwe. They settled in across Minnesota and Wisconsin all the way to the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota. They were forced to move out of Canada by the French. It was in the 1600’s that the French first encountered the Ojibwe tribe.

Native Flag of Seminole Indians

This tribe has over 3,000 members and is spread over five reservations on the peninsula at Hollywood, Brighton, Big Cypress, Tampa and Immokalee. These people are known to be extremely proud of their culture and heritage. They have a strong belief in their culture and have put in a lot of effort to keep their traditions alive. Stomp dances art and storey telling are amongst the ancient traditions of this tribe. The tribe has also managed to preserve its original language which is Muscogee.

Native Flag of the Seneca Nation

It was in 1848 when this tribe came into formal existence after abolishing the traditional chief system. In its place they adopted a constitution with proper elected officials.

Native Flag of Southern Ute Indian Tribe of Ignacio

The Ute Indians are credited as being the oldest continuous residents of Colorado. The exact time period of their arrival is known but today they can be found inhabiting the mountainous areas of the state. In fact the name of the state Utah comes from the Ute people.

Native Flag of Spokane Indian Tribe

The people of this tribe belong to the Interior Salish group that used to dwell in northeastern Washington, western Montana and northern Idaho for centuries. They are known for their unique language of Spokanes which is also spoken with a slightly different dialect by other Salish tribes.

Native Flag of the Thlopthlocco Creek Tribal Tribe

The Thlopthlocco Tribal Town is a proud member of the Oklahoma Creek Confederacy. The town is based in Okemah, Oklahoma along with another tribal town known as Kialegee. This particular tribe still maintains the age old system of a tribal town king. This is the one of the only two instances where monarchial title is still being applied in the United States.

These are just some of the tribes that have popular Native American Flags. As mentioned above the total number of Native American Flags is a staggering 185.

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