Native American Protection Symbols

Want to learn more about Native American protection symbols? Read on to discover some of the most popular protection symbols used by the Native Americans…

The Native American culture is one stooped in symbolism. The symbolism found in this culture is more of a reverent language of life. With their close attachment to nature the Natives had symbols for almost everything. Amongst them were the Native American protection symbols.

Prior to delving into the various protection symbols developed by the Native Americans it is important to understand how they viewed all things. Basically they believed all animate and inanimate things were actually part of one essential spirit. They understood and sought deeper meaning in everything in life.

The Native American protection symbols varied according to tribes and their geographical locations. Protection symbols were used for various purposes. Fundamentally they served as a reminder that guardian spirits were present all around. In other cases warriors would seek protection during times of war through these symbols. Married couples and families would make use of protection symbols to safeguard their homes.

They had special symbols that were considered to be the images of the essential spirit. When such symbols used to be placed on various objects it was believed that that particular item became spiritually charged. The basic understanding for such kind of symbols was that drawing the symbol would also draw the powers for which it stood for.

Native American Protection Symbols

One of the most popular protection symbols used by the Native Americans was the arrow. However the arrow had different meanings that changed according to the way in which it was represented. An arrow pointing to the right would stand for protection in its essence. However, when pointing to the left it would be a sign of warding off evil. The two are similar but the first symbol tends to have wider implications than the later. The broken arrow on the other hand symbolized peace.

The fence was another symbol suggestive of protection. This is one of the obvious meanings derived from the practical purpose fences serve in everyday life. The fence was also taken as a symbol of guarding good luck. Native Indians would often draw these images on their personal belongings so as to ensure their protection.

Then there were other symbols that had meanings associated with protection for example the buffalo eye. This particular symbol signified alertness and keeping a watch out for danger. The arrowhead was used to symbolize the same thing.

The Native Americans would always make use of protection symbols to serve as means of decorating functional items. In this way they had decorative products that also carried great symbolic meaning. The use of Native American protection symbols can also be found in their jewelry works. Navajo and Zuni jewelry in particular are renowned for making use of these protection symbols. Such jewelry can even be found being sold in the market today. However today this kind of jewelry is worn by many non-Natives who are not necessarily aware of what the symbols stand for.

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