Native American Warrior Art

American Warrior Art

Want to learn about Native American Warrior Art? Find out about the animated character of the Native American warrior and how it was featured in their art work…

The Native American warrior seemed like quite an animated character with the unique clothing and apparel that he sported. For the Natives, fighting in battles was a very honorable deed and hence the warrior was considered to be a great civil servant. Native American Warrior art is meant to honor these great men that laid their lives on the line to serve their community.

Native American Warrior War Shirt

The Native American warrior was dressed to kill, literally. They would wear special War Shirts that were adorned using many different traditional techniques such as shells and beadwork. Eagle feathers, horse’s hair and even the hair of the wearer were sewn on to the War Shirt.

The War shirt was something that every warrior had to acquire by performing commendable war deeds. It was worn and treasured for a lifetime. The various elements that were used to adorn the shirt were like modern day military badges that go to show the rank of the officer.

Native American Warrior Headdress

The headdress sported by the warriors was perhaps the most intimidating thing for the opponents. Made using natural materials derived from various animals Native American warrior headdresses transformed the individual into a mythological character that had come to life.

The headdress would be made using buffalo hide or deer skin. Sometimes it would even have the fur of the animal in tact. It was adorned using eagle feathers that were painted in different colors. However these eagle feathers had to be acquired much in the same way as ranks are awarded to soldiers in modern times. Buffalo horns were also used to decorate warrior headdresses giving them a very imposing look.

Native American Clothing Accessories

Native American warriors would wear normal pants or leggings depending on the weather. In colder regions they would wear pants made out of buffalo hide. These would often be decorated with appliqué on both sides and tassels running down the side. In the warmer areas however the warriors would suffice with leggings.

The warriors had their own special footwear. The women of the tribe would make special moccasins using buffalo skin and hide for the warriors.

Another unique item that the Native American Warrior would carry was the Medicine shield. This was not a shield used for defense purposes rather it was a shield for spiritual security. The shield carried symbols that were assigned to the individual warrior by the medicine man after the warrior had made his spiritual journey.

Special lance cases, dagger cases, Tipi cases and in later times pistol cases were also developed for Native American warriors.

Native American warrior in Art

The image of the warrior was also converted into a symbol which obviously had meanings associated with battles, fighting, victory, courage and bravery. These symbols can be found on many different forms of Native American art especially rock art and painting.

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