Best French Chefs

It is widely accepted that those chefs and restaurants that receive Michelin Stars are the best in the world. To learn more about Michelin star French chefs read our guide for more facts and information…

The Michelin Red Guide is the most well-known restaurant and hotel guide in the world, but having originated in Europe. This guide is published once a year in more than 12 countries.

How Do Michelin Stars Work?

Stars are awarded on a scale of one to three, with three being the best. One star is not a bad review however, as these are only awarded to the best restaurants. These stars are awarded to restaurants with the best food. Restaurants also have the opportunity to receive Rising Stars which indicate that they have the potential to be awarded with Michelin stars on improvement. Any serious chef dreams of his restaurant being awarded Michelin Stars. French chefs, as well as chefs in the rest of the world, do not receive Michelin stars for their good food. Rather, the restaurants in which they work are awarded the stars.

Top Michelin Star Chefs in France

There are no limits on how many restaurants (and their chefs) are awarded Michelin stars annually. People who are interested in touring French Michelin star restaurants in France should look out for those that most consistently receive Michelin stars over many years. In France there are rarely more than 30 restaurants awarded Michelin stars every year.

Below is a list of some of the restaurants that have been awarded Michelin Stars, and their head chefs. Naturally, some of these places are extremely expensive and not everyone will be able to try all of them.

  • One of the newest French restaurants to be awarded Michelin stars is Les Flocons de Sel which is owned by French Michelin chef Emmanuel Renaut.
  • Troisgros is very famous for serving Nouvelle cuisine, which is the more modern way of preparing traditional French dishes by making the flavours more delicate and placing a great deal of attention on the presentation of the food. This restaurant was founded by the Troisgros brothers, and the current head chef is Michel Troisgros. This restaurant is located in Roanne.
  • Another Michelin star French restaurant (and chef) is Relais Bernard Loiseau  which used to be called Cote d’Or. The head chef is Patrick Bertron and it is located in Saulieu.
  • Georges Blanc is another of these restaurants. It is located in Vonnas and the head chef is Georges Blanc.
    Some of these restaurants are actually owned by the head chefs. Such restaurants include;
  • Michel Bras, owned by head chef Michel Bras, which is located in Laguiole.
  • Guy Savoy located in Paris.
  • Paul Bocuse is located in Lyon. Head chef and owner is Paul Bocuse who is world famous for his Nouvelle Cuisine dishes.
  • Lameloise which is owned by Jacques Lameloise.
    When traveling to France, and wishing to sample some of the best cuisine by the most distinguished and best French chefs one has to look for Michelin star awarded restaurants.
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