New York Dog Bite Lawyers

Have you suffered a dog attack in New York? Are you looking for a dog bite lawyer? Then read our guide for tips on finding the best dog bite attorney for you…

New York City is probably home to at least 1.7 million dogs. Small wonder that some of New York City’s dogs behave more badly than many of its people. When a dog misbehaves and bites someone the question is begged: who is responsible–in particular who may be liable for damages according to New York’s laws. Dog bite lawyers exist to answer that question.

Who Needs a Dog Bite Attorney?

If you or a loved one have suffered as the result of a dog attack, if a loved one has died from a fatal mauling a dog bite lawyer should be consulted at your earliest opportunity. Dog bite victims may be entitled to compensation for various losses or sufferings such as psychological damage, medical bills, or loss of future income owing to disfigurement or crippling injury.

Some common reasons that the law may hold an owner liable for a dog bite attack can include the following:

• A dog was abused or neglected and this lead to aggressive behavior culminating in an attack
• A dog was not properly restrained and roamed freely
• A chained or restrained dog was permitted unsupervised proximity to children
• A dog was bated or otherwise encouraged or trained to acted aggressively

What You Can Do to Help Yourself

You should make every effort to identity the dog responsible for an attack. Identifying the dog that attacked or at least the address at which the attack occurred is crucial in gathering evidence for your claim. Also, if the dog involved in the attack is a stray or cannot be identified the victim of the attack will likely need to undergo treatment for rabies. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention in the aftermath of an attack. Rabies is not the only danger that a dog bite exposes a victim to. If the owner of the dog is found, try to determine whether that person has insurance. If other people have witnessed the attack obtain as much contact information as possible. Solicit and encourage eye witness accounts as soon as you can before memories fade. Be tactful.  Emotions tend to run high on all sides after an animal attack.

You should also contact a qualified dog bite attorney as soon as you are able. Early contact with such a professional enhances your chances of recovering damages. Legal matters that involve animals and that involve decisions based on eye witness accounts can be surprisingly complicated and require careful planning on the part of an attorney. The sooner the wheels are in motion the better. Your claim for damages appears more urgent and believable if you act quickly to recover them.

Bear in mind that in New York, the statute of limitations for most negligence cases, such as dog bites, is three years from the date of the attack. Should such an incident result in death, any claim must be brought on behalf of the deceased within two years from the date of the incident.

What You Can Expect

Most dog bite attorneys will only collect a fee if they recover damages on your behalf. Seek to clarify how contingency works early in your relationship with a dog bite lawyer.

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