Raincoat Hoods Canada

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Canada experiences a severe winter season with extensive rainfall which necessitates the wearing of a raincoat. Most often you will be required to wear raincoats that have a hood for protecting the head from cold and rain as well. You will be able to find many different kinds of raincoat hoods in Canada.

Nylon Raincoats with Hood

You can pick up the fluorescent yellow or orange nylon raincoats from any corner store and some department stores. They are handy to keep in the trunk of your car and can be useful in a sudden downpour. Most of these are made in China and do beware that some of the five-dollar models can be pretty flammable.

Jerico Canadian Apparel Manufacturer

Jerico are a Canadian manufacturer of wholesale apparel who claim that all manufacturing from knitting the yarn to final assembly is carried out in Canada. They have a subsidiary, Teamco, that handles apparel for team sports and another, Jerico Safety, that manufactures high visibility and flame resistant apparel targeted towards the construction and public works industries.

Jerico Nomex IIIA Full-Zip Hood

Jerico Safety makes the Nomex IIIA Full-Zip Hood as well as hooded sweatshirts. Nomex is a registered trade mark of DuPont and is a flame retardant aromatic polyamide. In an aromatic polyamide, or “aramid” for short, the chain molecules are highly oriented along the fiber axis. The strength of the chemical bonds generated by this axial alignment is used to enhance resistance to damage from heat and flame in the case of Nomex.

As a result, the Jerico Nomex IIIA not only provides protection against the elements but can also provide protection in case of accidents and fire. The coat weighs fourteen ounces and features a full-length, heavy-duty two-way zipper. It has an inset drawstring for a perfect fit, pouch style pockets, and the hood can be detached.

Jerico Insulated Jacket

This is from Jerico’s normal line of consumer apparel. The jacket weighs twenty Canadian ounces and is made from 80% cotton / 20% polyester ring spun fabric. The jacket has been pre-shrunk. Ring spun cotton has a softer texture because of its finer thread and due to being compacted it provides a greater measure of strength. The jacket has a 100% cotton lining in the body and sleeves. There is a heavy-duty two-way zipper with a reinforced placket for durability. You get pouch pockets, a double-ply hood, and metal grommets. Lycra is used in the waistband and cuffs for an extra-tight fit against the elements.

Jerico Full-Zip Hoody

If you want something simpler, you can opt for the Full-Zip Hoody. This jacket weighs just fourteen Canadian ounces and is made from a 50% cotton / 50% polyester ring spun blend. The jacket has a full YKK zip, pouch pockets, and a matching drawstring.

Jerico Ladies Full-Zip Hoody

This is the women’s equivalent to the Men’s Full-Zip Hoody above. This jacket also weighs just fourteen Canadian ounces and is made from the same 50% cotton / 50%polyester ring spun fabric. It has a full metal zipper, pouch pockets, and a matching drawstring. The Ladies Hoody also sports raglan sleeves which are sleeves that have a seam running from the neckline to the underarm. Being one piece, as there is no shoulder seam, a raglan sleeve is very comfortable and does not encumber arm movement.


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