North American Indian Artifacts

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History is considered by many people to be boring or uninteresting; however, with the use of artifacts history is easily brought to life. By exploring history with the help of artifacts it is possible to gain a glimpse into the lives of North American Indians before and after European exploration into the New World. Artifacts from the past allow present day minds to imagine how the Native Americans lived and what they used to survive. Today, there are North American Indian artifacts that date back 14 000 years as well as more recent tools. Artifacts of North American Indian origin include tools such as those used in hunting and cooking but also cultural items including jewelry. Discovering artifacts is not only an excellent way to learn but the items are also captivating. Today, most artifacts are stored and available for viewing in museums throughout North America; however, for those who are truly enamored with North American Indian artifacts some items are available for purchase to be added to your personal collection.

Spear Points

Spear points are a common artifact unearthed in the Midwest of the North American continent particularly in states such as Colorado and Arizona. The spear points that have been found are typically constructed out of iron. The artifact is also known as barrel stave points as the iron used in the construction was taken from the hoops of barrels. The spear points discovered date typically to the last half of the 19th century. Spear points have a slightly asymmetrical form in part due to their hand construction. Spear points are some of the more modern North American Indian artifacts as they gained prominence post European settlement as the form was an imitation of the spear points of the European settlers.


Jewelry is an important part of North American Indian culture and these artifacts are insightful into the lives of the previous owners. For example, it is known in part through jewelry that before European settlement it was not uncommon for Native tribes to trade amongst themselves as the materials used in the jewelry are interchangeable. Not only were the materials such as beads, shells, copper, silver, ivory, amber, and turquoise traded but it is also likely that designs and patterns were intermingled due to similarities in the pieces. Jewelry artifacts from North American Indians were typically either metalwork or beadwork. The styles were often constructed by hammering and etching to create pendants as well as stitching countless beads together. It is also of interest that these artifacts were not only used for decoration but may also have served religious purposes.


Arrowheads are another common North American Indian artifact. The arrowheads that have been found are made of stone or wood often depending on where the artifact was discovered. Arrowheads are different sizes depending on their original use and where they were discovered. Like the spear points, the arrowheads are also not perfectly smooth as these artifacts are again hand crafted.

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