Northern California Workers Compensation Attorneys

Need information on Northern California workers compensation attorneys? Learn more about workers compensation attorneys in Northern California to help you against employer discrimination…

Any employee who is seeking benefits due to an injury at work must hire a worker’s compensation attorney in Northern California. It is prohibited by California state law for any employer to discriminate against such employees. Often a person who has reported of an injury is given a hard time by an employer. In certain instances the person may be demoted or simply fired.

California Law for Workers Compensation

According to the Labor Code section 132A, any employer who discriminates against an employee who has filed for benefits will be charged with a misdemeanor. Following this, the employee can proceed with criminal action against his employer. Furthermore, under the agreement offered by the judge they can also be penalized by 50% of the total compensation due towards the employee. However, this amount cannot exceed $10,000.

California Workers’ Compensation Information & Assistance Bureau

In Northern California worker’s compensation attorneys can provide information regarding particular cases at their offices. It is also possible to get detailed information from the California Workers’ Compensation Information and Assistance Bureau in Northern California.

Workers compensation attorneys get paid from the settlement received by an employee. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the compensation is awarded to the Northern California attorney. Therefore, they will refrain from taking cases that are worth less than $10,000, as the amount would not be beneficial and favorable for either party to prosecute.

They want to take cases that they can solve. What happens is that they take on larger numbers of cases and delegate routine work to their staff. Therefore, an injured plaintiff should not feel neglected if the lead lawyer is not constantly in touch. The work and processing is taken care of by the administrative and legal staff on board the panel of most law firms. This allows the lead lawyers to bring in more cases. It is a good idea to educate yourself about the compensation system and the injury.

Advise to Injured Workers from Lawyers

Regardless of the fact that you’ve been injured, you should not give up on treating yourself and exercising properly to improve your health condition. Get healing quickly and keep your mind sharp so that you can work and understand the compensation procedure. You can get additional information from the local Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

There are certain basic rules you must be aware of before you approach a personal injury or worker’s compensation attorney in Northern California. An employee must immediately report the injury to a manager or supervisor. Prior to receiving benefits, the employer must be aware of the injury. If you do not report it immediately there are chances of the employer proving that the injury was not acquired at work. Further, he can prove that you have been irresponsible and negligent.

You should document the discussion with the insurance company to have a paper trail and a calendar of activities. It is essential to tell the truth in terms of the scope of your injury and how badly it is affecting you. There is no room for exaggeration or minimizing the truth. Be truthful about prior injuries that may also have been aggravated by the new injury.

It is possible to go to jail for fraud if you represent an injury wrongfully. When you’re dealing with a worker’s compensation attorney you will have to be patient. You have to go through three tiers: the attorney, your employer and the insurance company.

In order to get your claim processed conveniently and successfully you must choose a lawyer who is located close to your area. By selecting a relevant practice area you will be able to get a worker’s compensation attorney who is an expert in the specific type of law that you require.

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