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Want to invest in homes for sale in Oceanside, California? Read our guide for facts and info on Oceanside, California homes for sale real estate…

For all beach lovers and fun-in-the-sun people, Oceanside, California can be just the place you are looking for. As the name very overtly states, Oceanside is located by the ocean side. It is the third largest city in Sand Diego County. It is a city that almost anyone would love to live in, as it offers every possible comfort a person can be looking for.
That is the major reason behind the boom that Oceanside, California real estate has experienced over the past 30 odd years. While Oceanside is part of a tri-city along with Carlsbad and Vista, the total area that Oceanside itself covers is 42 square miles. The majority of which (41 square miles) is land and the remaining one square mile is water. The exact location of the city is 35 miles north of San Diego, 83 miles south of Los Angeles and 16 miles south of San Clemente, or what is known as the Orange County. It is also easily approachable, with Interstate 5 bisecting the city just a mile east of the ocean. State Highway 78 meets Interstate 15 at Escondio and the State Highway 76 running east of Interstate 15.

The best part about this bustling city that though it has an adequate population, it is still not overcrowded. The population is an estimated 180,000, with a median age of around 34.

Another major appeal of the city is the number of recreational spots and facilities it offers. Apart from the 3.5 miles of public beach, the city has over 30 parks, four community recreation centers, two municipal swim centers, a 1,601-foot long pier, a 1,000 slip public marina and a Heritage Village. By 2000, there were around 60,000 houses in Oceanside and this has been steadily increasing.

The major portion of the population mix is white and hispanic. The popularity of Oceanside, California as a tourist and vacation spot is increasing by the day, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of condos or apartments for rent. Unlike the norm, the rents for these are also significantly moderate as compared to other hot tourist locations. With schools, hospitals, good neighborhoods and, above all, security, Oceanside, California real estate has gone up by almost 10 to 12 percent.

Another major factor in the appeal of this city is the weather that it offers. Oceanside’s weather has been rated the fifth most desirable in the world and the second most desirable in the United States of America. With the average annual high being 69.1 degrees and the low being 52.7 degrees, one can understand why it has been given these ratings. Add to that the 10.7 inches of rain that pours annually and you get all the more reason to start scouring through Oceanside, California real estate advertisements.

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