Theme Parks at Disney World, Orlando Florida

Ever thought about visiting Disney World, Orlando Florida on holiday? The following article gives a general insight into what is on offer at this great resort.

Disney World, in Orlando, Florida is one of the greatest tourist attractions for those choosing Florida as their vacation destination. In fact, Disney World, Orlando, Florida is  the most popular tourist attraction in the world.

Although Disney World, Orlando, Florida is one of the most magical and exciting vacations for children globally, it cannot be denied that adults also regress to childhood on entrance to the theme parks and are equally entranced by the magic and excitement on offer. To refer to Disney World, Orlando, Florida as just a ‘theme park’ would be to undersell and ill define this incredible place. Disney World, Orlando, Florida is situated across approximately 45 square miles and it contains four separate theme parks.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida Theme Park One – The Magic Kingdom

This is the theme park which started it all and it is undoubtedly the most exciting theme park. The size of this particular theme park is probably the same as each of the whole of the other Disney World resorts elsewhere (or, more accurately ‘Disneyland’ resorts).  Highlights of the Magic Kingdom, Disney World include:

  • Fantasy Land
  • Liberty Square
  • Mickey’s Toontown Fair
  • Frontier Land

Although it is possible to cover most of the theme park rides in a day, you would only be doing the Magic Kingdom justice if you were to stay at least two as this will enable you to partake in all the shows and related activities which take place each day.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida Theme Park Two – Epcot

The Epcot theme park is better described as a miniature world of science, history and geography and it continues to be an extremely popular field trip for local schools in Florida. Highlights of the Epcot Theme Park Disney World include:

  • The Seas with Nemo and his Friends
  • Test Track
  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
  • Mission: Space

Disney World, Orlando, Florida Theme Park Three – Disney MGM Studios

The Disney World MGM Studios were opened in 1989 and it is themed to resemble Hollywood in the 1930’s.  Even though it is the smallest of the theme parks in Disney World, Orlando Florida, it is a fantastic attractions and gives an insight into the workings of Film and Television.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida Theme Park Four – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Anyone visiting Disney World’s Disney Animal Kingdom Park and expecting a theme park in the traditional sense will be disappointed as Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is there to allow you to experience animals in as natural a setting as possible and to learn more about the animal kingdom.

In addition to the theme parks outlined above, Disney World is also host to extravaganza’s and seasonal activities.  To check specifically what is happening at any particular time in Disney World, Orlando, Florida, it is advised that you check out their formal website.

If you are chosing to spend your vacation / holiday in Florida, then bear in mind that Florida is not only famous for Disney World.  It is some fantasic other attractions (some of which are covered in the following Kwintessential site), plus is has one a beautiful vacation / holiday climates.

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