Sailing in Spain

Are you thinking about doing some sailing in Spain? Would you like to know when & where to go sailing in Spain? Here we’ve provided you with some useful facts & information on sailing in Spain.

Spain is one of the premier sailing destinations in Europe. With more than 4000 km of coastline and warm weather, Spain has plenty of opportunities for water sports including sailing, surfing and scuba diving. Spain has more than 200 sailing harbours dotted across both its Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.Popular saialing destinations in Spain include the Costa Brava and the Balearic Islands. Spain is a popular sailing destination for many of the world’s rich who also moor their sailing yachts at harbours across Spain. Interestingly, sailing is a relatively new pastime to the people of Spain and to an extent is still the reserve of the wealthy.

Annual sailing regatta in Spain

Spain plays host to many international sailing regattas where sailing enthusiasts from all over the world converge on Spain every year to test their sailing skills.

Charter sailing in Spain

There are many outfits in Spain that deal with chartering sailing yachts. Prices depend on several factors include the size of sailing yacht, duration of sailing charter and whether or not the charter includes a sailing crew. Experienced Sailing enthusiasts will be pleased to know that it is possible to charter sailing yachts in Spain without a captain and crew so one can enjoy sailing on their own or with their own private sailing party.

Sailing lessons in Spain

Sailing lessons in Spain are usually organised by the local port club. By taking sailing lessons in Spain you will learn how to be an active member of crew on board a sailing vessel and be able to handle day to day jobs while sailing, including moving the sails. Sailing lessons in Spain are usually provided as part of a course which can be in excess of 40 hours and is quite intensive in terms of the amount of sailing information one has to digest. Before embarking on a sailing course in Spain it is wise to consider how much time you have to spend in Spain and whether you are prepared to sacrifice a large chunk of your holiday in Spain to sailing lessons. Sailing lessons in Spain can also be quite expensive and usually start at about £1500 for a one week sailing course in Spain.

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